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Safety Issues

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
With goggle straps being under scrutiny at the moment, let's not forget that we are running about with bombs strapped to our markers in the form of HPA tanks.

I saw an Angel Air tank for sale the other day, which was cutting edge technology about 14 years ago.

This made me wonder.....how many of us are using a £1200 marker with an ancient air tank?

Or how many of us have three or four guns, with only one tank?

I have three tanks - all bought new within the last year - and five markers.

Despite my flagrant disregard of the chinstrap rule, I do treat tanks very carefully, and haven't yet been vexed enough to throw my gun across the field.

Who has more than one gun, and more than one tank...and how old are they?
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The brotherhood
Aug 1, 2003
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A new bottle today meets the same specifications as a 14 year old bottle so what was cutting edge technology 14 years ago is still the same today. Bottle regulators have changed a bit but not much after all they only have a simple job to do.
I have 3 guns but only one bottle, all the guns i have operate on the same pressure so i only need 1 bottle and seeing as i only have 1 pair of arms i can only shoot 1 gun at a time,


Nov 27, 2006
I have more guns then I can count off the top of my head
Sort of 2 cylinders
(My 48ci fibre which has recently gone through its first test, a 13 ci aluminium)
Plus an angel fibre which has just gone through test with about 3 years life until death but no regulator as I donated it to replace a buddies regulator that has issues on remote lines
And I also have possession of:

the above mentioned buddies fibre as he hasn't played for a year and I've had it from him becuause of his issues (with the remote line and the thumb on his head)

Another buddies standard aluminium which I borrowed to loan out last Xmas (he again can't play much because of weekend working)

And I am building a collection of out of date cylinders with 2 or 3 already and another I acquired from another buddies job lot, and an assortment of old co2s
They will be chopped up into souvenirs one day

Note - search through the forum for the hpa1 and basic air safety information
If your gear is visually decent, and in date and you handle air with respect then there's not too much that can go wrong that won't be protected by the safety features of air cylinders


UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
I currently have 5 guns and 2 air bottles, these are both about 18 months old.

I do try and change my bottles every few years. It may cost a few quid but I would rather have a new-ish bottle next to my head rather than one that's 5 plus years old and been retested.

As for chin straps - in typical fashion I threw out about 5 of these about 2 months ago and so may need to make some new purchases !!!


Mar 14, 2011
always use just the one bottle to run my gats, but try to buy new if possible for peace of mind.