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Samurai teams 2012

darren lewis

Once a month trainer
Sep 3, 2007
Samurai teams are recruiting for the 2012 season. Here is a list of our current teams.

MV was established in 2007 in memory of Martin Vipas, who played on the original Samurai team. Mv has become our flag ship team. Due to the great results they have had in the last few seasons.
Samurai Paintball
For 2012 we have started our Justgiving.com page - we are raising funds as usual for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
Or via mobile text donation Text to: 70070 Message: Samu99 £(amount)

In 2012 MV are making some huge changes by increasing the players to make up two squads. But they will train and play as one. Domestic and some of the Millennium events. Again we are looking forward to having great support from our Sponsors LIPS and Eclipse. Also top notch paint from G I Sportz.
What MV are looking for is new players who are able to give maybe a little more than the average player. You must be willing to travel, Pay your own way, Train when required at the Bricketwood site. Also you must change over you equipment to The Planet Eclipse gear. (But in a reasonable time frame).
Ben Wood AKA "Thinman" Is Mv team captain
Our other players are, Scott, Ped, James, Rob and the new kid Mark.
As yet we have made no decision on where and what tourneys we are going to play next year. But what ever we do it will be a full packed season.
So if you think that we have a game for you, Send me a PM or you can contact me on.
Mobil 07547690306

Any player who maybe wont make the cut and get into the MV team. Is welcome to drop into one of the other teams. We always have a game for everone.

Rage is our youth / new player team. What the players lack in experience. They make up in enthusiasm. Over the last few years they have been in MV shadow. But always close on their heals, And more ofter that not they can turn them over on the field. The have also had some great results over the years.
Samurai Rage was started up in 2008, When we got an over flow of players.
Rage is also looking for players to top up its squad.

With Matt Owen as the team captain
Other players are Matt C, Super Ted, George, Sam, Ped2 and Ricky
Again all our teams get help and support from our sponsors. LIPS and Eclipse and G I Sportz.
So if your looking to get into a team and can make domestic tourneys / Training in the London area. Then give us a shout soon as you can. As we are already training for the 2012 season.

Samurai is our original team. Founded in 2005 it was our first team for many years. Until MV started to out perform it.
What we done was to make it veteran team. This year they rocked and was pushing results to leave em near the top of the leader board.

What Samurai offer is a chance for older players to still compete. Even when they been playing for many a year. As far as we are concerned. If your up for a game, We will find one for you.

Team Captain
Pete AKA (pistol pete has been around since paint was invented)
Samurai other players Nigle, Jermery, Chaz, Stuart, Wade, Lewis
Part time players James P, Myron, Joe, Paul C, Bop

We are top heavy in the team, But some of these players just have a game now and then. So we might be able to fit you in. If not one of our other teams will have a game for ya.

So polish off your Mags and cockers, LOL.

Top Cats have been around since the late 80's. when these guys approached us about joining Samurai in 2011, I was proud to help out. Top Cats are now relaunched and played half the season with us. Straight away they were getting podium results.
What the team lacks is a back player. The player needs to rip up from the back giving commanding information and clipping the odd player on the break out. Then the rest of the team can do their job.
Currently they are doing the winter series at Bricketwood. So they urgently need someone to fill that position. You would need to have a reasonable knowledge of that role as you would be dropped into the deep end.
Team Captain Rob
other players Mich, Bona, James, Jay and Mark now and again.
So if you are looking to join one of the oldest team in the UK. Please contact as soon as you can.

Formed in 2010 they trained last year. Then had to have a break for School exams. They had some help from our other teams. Then Played a couple of the KOTH events and had a modulate results over the two tourneys.

This team is made up of just our youth players. Affiliated with the CPC group of teams which predominately play in the KOTH.
CPC is Coalition Paintball Club, where teams train together at their Paddock Wood site in Kent. This is grass roots paintball and is gear for the new players out there.
Our Samurai CPC are fortunate to get extra help from our sponsors. Who understand that they are the future of our sport.
Team Captain Andrew
other player Will A, Will B, Henry

Our next training day is on the 30th Oct 2011 at PADDOCK WOOD SITE in KENT.
For more details please get in touch


In 2011 we had a group of guys come down to train with us who were polish. As they trained week by week we had more and more turn up. So we decided to make up a polish team.
Currently called Samurai Pol ska (Poland) these guys have trained and trained with the Nexus players . But have not yet entered a tourney.
Team Captain Tom
Other players Mario,
Still looking for other Polish players so anyone else please get in contact as soon as you can.


This is now our newest team. Made up of players who work together. These guys are eager to get on the tourney field for the first time.
Looking to play next year 2012 in the NSPL KOTH.

Samurai Team Coach
Darren Lewis
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darren lewis

Once a month trainer
Sep 3, 2007
Samurai CPC are training this Sunday 30th Oct at Paddock wood, Kent. Anyone looking for some training is more than welcome. New players especially, Thanks.


Samurai MV Captain
Jun 6, 2008
Samurai MV will be training down at Bricket Wood this Sunday 6th November.
Anyone interested in coming down please give us a shout on here or go to our facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samurai-Paintball/104129056315008
Whether you are an experienced player or just getting started we will always be able to find you a game on one of our ever expanding teams.
As stated below MV are currently looking for players to increase our squad and compete domestically and at a few Millenium events in the race to2 format for 2012.
If you think you are that player then send us a message, it could be the start of something wonderful.:D
Kind Regards,
Ben (thinman)

darren lewis

Once a month trainer
Sep 3, 2007
Samurai teams are training at Bricketwood this Sun 19th Feb. Anyone looking for a game is welcome to come down and train with our teams. We are currently looking for players to top up our teams.

Thank you
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