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Scenario & Rec-ball Rules

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Dark Warrior

Nov 28, 2002
This section is for discussing big games, scenario games, walk-ons and other woodland events. There are however a couple of reasons why your thread could disappear:
  1. Use of Txt Speak
  2. Personal attacks and unfounded negativity toward sites, members, events etc. - Note discussion is encouraged, and if an event wasn't what you thought it should have been then by all means say so... BUT you must state your reasons and evidence for your opinions!
  3. Posting unacceptable content such as pornography and other general forum rules.
  4. Posting Sup'Air tournaments or events in this section – They must be posted in the tournament section. Note the Ionman series is exempt from this rule
Generally it's posters common sense in the Rec-Ball forum, you should know if your thread is suitable to be placed in there.
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Not open for further replies.