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Shoot The Rainbow - 20th - 21st September at Wakefield


Lady Organ Grinder
Here we go, here we go.......yes ladies and gentle folks it is that time again....the much waited for premier two day event of the UK Masters......and it is at WAKEFIELD...

Will it be as awesome as other Shoots....I am sure it will be...there will be paintball of course....and sweeetttieess, and trophies,...and good food....free camping.....and of course THE BEST PLAYERS PARTY on the Saturday night..we have teams coming from all over the country to join in the fun.

To add to this we are running a fancy dress and dance competition on Saturday night.....we would like everyone to participate....come dressed as an African, an Arabian or a Roman...with a prize for the best costume....but also SOMO Wakefield have a prize for the best dance....more prizes than ever before!!!!!

For the kids, or the adult kids, we have face painting and a bouncy castle.....all donations going to P4 Kids....

Non stop music from start to finish.......

I am running Race to 2 and 5 man formats with entry being £400 for the weekend.....what more can you want....

Well there is more.....but i'm not quite ready to tell you about them yet!!!!

So to book in your team contact me via the usual channels, or call me on 07849 108 947....

Teams booked in so far:

XP5 - confirmed

Phoenix 5 - confirmed

Elsham Eagles - confirmed

Durham DV8 - confirmed

Jokers - confirmed

Ashby Onlslaught - confirmed

Fatbobs Fusion - tbc

Shell Shocked - tbc

Envyous - tbc

BZ Army 2 - tbc

Freestylerz - confirmed

Nerf Herders - confirmed

Aces - tbc

Leeds Voodoo - tbc

madtoxic - confirmed

Jokers 2 - tbc

Asylum Loonatics - tbc

Durham DV8 2 - confirmed

Durham DV8 3 - tbc

Point Blank Predators - tbc

Space is limited as there will only be one field running.....so book in now to avoid disappointment....teams have until 10th September to book in.....do not miss out....I look forward to seeing you there!!!!

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Dec 19, 2001
isle of man
beenna while since I posted on these here boards boat is booked so someone else better turn up . We're not playing as Epoch as its only me left ,so can you please change the name to Scruffy looking Nerf herders please