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Shoreline Events - The lies and what we should do about it - Split topic

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Jul 5, 2001
Warning, post alert !!!If you don't wanna read anything about barnett, then don't come onto this thread, it's a simple strategy and alarmingly effective.

Update Alert !!!!!

dim barnett's actions of late, smack of arrogance beyond belief, we've now had BZ and Manic come out and issued press releases concerning how they've been treated by barnett ... the Lips guys have also been threatened with destruction by dim barnett and so the toll continues upward ...
And remember here, this is on top of threatening to destroy the Warped guys Jim and Tim who host the UK's biggest and best scenario game ... is there really no end to the lunacy of this maniac?

Soon, barnett is gonna need 'friends' and the only 'friend' he has is another snake in the woods .. the pair of them are sitting on the same table each with a knife in the other one's back ... it's merely a matter of time before one of them slides it in between some ribs to the surprise and disgust of the other, surprise, not that he'd been shafted but .. because he didn't do it first.

What a pair of social misfits they are ... I think they must have got picked on at school or something like that ... oh, hold on a minute here, dim barnett is a hard-nut surely, leastwise that's what he told me .. it must be true, he said it :unsure:
nah, he's a pussy spelled with a capital 'Miaow' ..
I know sable is a bit of a puff-pastry when it comes to matters of intellect or 'physical endeavour' but I was kinda hoping barnett would have more to him than that .. alas though .. barnett is a few clicks under a turd when it comes to standing up for himself .. especially when he'd been acting the hard-man by telling friends of mine he'd ran me out of paintball .. the wimp couldn't run 50 metres without tripping over his ego ... paintball literally stinks with this guy in our midst.
We need to purge ourselves from his like ... sable is insignificant and so not worth any effort but as for barnett?
We need a diuretic to begin the cleansing and I know just the man to assist in this adventure ...
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Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
I just had a thought, we all know this thread is about the Laurel and Hardy of paintball, those being, barnett and sables .... but if we just use their surname initial 'b' & 's', it provides an easy, and wholly applicable description of them both - BS, I couldn't have put it better myself :rolleyes:


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
Bugged conversation from barnett's office

Small-fry: [enters the room stands to attention and salutes] Yo lance-corporal tim, how are ya mate?
barnett: yeah, I’m good man, I’m good, stand at ease now small fry...

small fry: I saw all that crap Robbo is writing about you, man, that dude is insane ..
barnett: yeah he is mad that’s for sure, I been telling you that for a long time now ..

small fry: I still can’t believe he’s insulting you so much tim, and all those lies he’s coming out with about how you banned all those companies from your events and threatened to destroy them, surely people must know he’s making it all up?
barnett: Yeah, they must know he’s telling lies, it’s all lies, I never banned anyone … and even if there were people coming out and saying that, they’re just his mates and would lie about anything anyway.

small fry: oh, some of those industry guys have now gone on record and stated you banned them and also threatened to destroy them, why would they lie like that tim?
Barnett: I think Robbo must be blackmailing them somehow or threatening them but threats wouldn’t work on me small fry, I ain’t scared of that old fool ..but trust me, they’re all lying…

small fry: it’s ok I worked that out for myself tim, I crunched the numbers and there were only five of them all saying one thing and just you denying ... it's obvious you are the one telling the truth, I trust ya man ..sluurrrp !!!
barnett: I'm glad you can see it that way, you're an astute man small fry if you don't mind me saying ..

small fry: thankyou lance corporal, listen, I don't wanna say anything inappropriate or too personal but there's someone bending down behind you who resembles a long streak of pi$s, what the heck’s he doing there?
barnett: oh, don't worry about him, that's mandy sables, he's just checkin me out ..

small fry: checkin you out? .. what the hell for?
barnett: well, he likes to keep me haemorrhoid free for when he kisses me there later, and he does that as a sign of loyalty, he hasn't really got any friends of his own and so I just let him get on with it. Mind you, he has to book up an appointment first.

Small fry: you’re kiddin me man, why does he have to book an appointment FFS …?
barnett: so I can get my head out first before he goes in ...

small fry: good thinking lance-corporal
barnett: thanks man, I thought you might appreciate that.

small fry: lance- corporal, surely you can sue Robbo for what he's been saying?
if they’re all lies, isn’t that libellous or something??
barnett: erm ... well, I can't be bothered with all that legal stuff besides I got plans to close him down another way, to shut him up for good..

small fry: what ya gonna do tim, what ya gonna do man, please tell me dude, let me help you?
barnett: I can't say at the moment, it's ninja sh!t, ya know, stuff I learned when I was with the SAS

small fry: wow, I didn't know that, you were with the SAS?
barnett: damn right I was bitch,.. but it wasn’t the original SAS but this was still a hard man’s unit, it was called the Salvation Army Support ..

small fry: That's amazing bro, I always knew you were a tough cookie and not to be messed with ..
barnett: You bet yer ass I’m tough… I could kill you with one flick of my tambourine, you'd be dead in a heartbeat ..

small fry: tim, I just had an idea, you can use that ninja sh!t when you meet Robbo - damnn, I'd love to see that when it finally does go down with him coz Robbo has said he will video it for all to see .. ha, ha, he's gonna get his ass seriously whooped ... you are da man barnett, da man - Robbo’s falling right into your trap, I bet he doesn’t even know you’re SAS trained ..one thing though, lance-corporal, I don't think Robbo is a wimp somehow, I've heard a few things ya know ..
barnett: all lies, all lies, the man's a weak-ass, broken-down fool and he best stay well away from me ....

small fry: but you ain’t scared of him are ya tim?
barnett, no way man, I could take him easy, he’s all washed up, I kicked him outa paintball, I’ve already told you that ..

small fry: yeah I remember, you also told a lot of other people as well .. but how comes he keeps saying such nasty things about you tim, surely he couldn’t do that if you had really kicked him out of paintball?
And you can't keep taking that sh!t off him, you gotta be a man and take him down dude.
barnett: I’m gonna take him down soon, you bet your lily-white, small fry ass I’m gonna ..

small fry: yeah man, that’s the talk I like to hear from you tim .. you da man, I can’t wait to see the show-down .. make sure you wear yer army gear when you whoop him, it’ll look sick when you trash his tourney ass - one thing though tim….
barnett: yeah man …

small fry: why didn’t you produce those appeal accounts when Robbo asked for them last year?
I know you put them on-line many weeks later but surely, if you had them all the time like you said you had, why didn’t you just post them up – after all, that woulda shut him right up and people would know what a jerk-off he really was for asking?
barnett: erm …. erm … er ….can I get back to you on that one??

small fry: well not really no, I donated 20 quid into that appeal, I gotta ask you tim, did you really have any accounts for all the thousands of pounds you had taken in donations for the support for soldiers appeal?
barnett: yeah, course I did, I was just making him wait .. that's all dude, I didn't wanna jump through any hoops for him.

small fry: but tim, that played right into his hands because he said all along you didn’t have any .. and so if you did have them, you coulda shut that big mouth of his and exposed him for the fool that he is if you had put them on line when he asked .. it looks really suspicious tim
barnett: er ….. er … hmm… look, if you don’t shut up asking me silly questions, I am gonna destroy you .. you hear, destroy you, EXTERMINATE, ETERMINATE, EXTERMINATE !!!!!!!!

small fry; ohh, I’m sorry tim, I didn’t mean to upset you man, I was just curious that’s all ..
barnett: ah, ok then, I forgive you but don’t forget, that Robbo dude is mad, plain mad ..

small fry:.. …Oh DEAR tim .. OH NOOOOO!!!!…
barnett: whasss up small fry?

small fry: Isn't that Robbo coming through the office door now? ... tim ...... TIM!!!!!! ... TIM!!!!!!!!
where you gone man, get back here, you can do him, you can dooooooo him I know ... I was only joking about Robbo dude ... no really... hmmm ……… eeewwww, what’s that smell of excrement ??
TIM, come back man!!!!!, you left something behind.
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