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Should their be an Army vs Navy paintball game?


The Buff Paintballer
Jan 10, 2015
Should their be an Army vs Navy paintball game?.

We have Rugby, We have Football, why not paintball?

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
I believe this is a regular event at the respective training academies in the USA.


UK Angel Owner
me and a few others actually spoke about an annual game for the forces as it seemed to be a good idea at the time (Ballin on the beach 2008). we said that if we ever did another high profile event in the public eye we could get all the services involved with police and fire etc......

the only problem we had was being on the army side we knew that paintball to the army was a range with some targets and the military system dont recognise it as a sport so we couldnt use army, navy air force as the list of paperwork we have to fill in is a mile long and we would have to convince the powers that be at the top to say yey or ney.

i have tons of contacts still and it would be more a UWL style as that is how the army sees the sport and even after watching the millenium in the NAAFi one year i was laughed at as it wasnt paintball in my bosses eyes till he found out how quick an ego shot


Nov 27, 2006
Typically the forces only enter competitions if they really feel they can win.
i wouldn't say that, its just they are blind to any sport that is not on the list. typical red tape and they are too suborn
Paintball does have the ear of a brigadier, and there's a general around that paintball has its eye on
A Paintballers eye has been put into a piece of work, but I'll be making no further comment!
This doesn't contribute to the sports side of paintball
Army sports have fully supported and unsupported activities the prospect of paintball being one is highly slim

But there are Paintballers in the services, things like the forces cup serve to give paintball a profile