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SOLD Empire Resurrection autocockers


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Jun 25, 2007

I have 3x NEW Empire Resurrection autocockers for sale (one is staying with me). I found them in pb warehouse laying in dark corner - forgotten by staff.
Markers still has factory grease, two of them has factory plastic seal on LPR. One has scratches on HPR - probably someone replaced it. Also they sould be maintenanced as they are leaking from macroline (according to staff).

All comes with:
- barrel set (0.675, 0.680, 0.685, 0.690, 0.695)
- spare parts kit
- allen keys
- barrelbag
- box, manual, CD

Shipping from Poland (EU), payment via PayPal. I'm forum member since 2007, PP verified from years.
I'd preffer to sell them to one person due to shipping price.

Price - let's start from 300 shipped/PP'ed


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