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SOLD: Geo 3 w/ Deuce

Mr. Suicide

Oct 29, 2004
South Wales
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I recently went back to Dye pew pews, so I'm looking to move my Geo 3 on. Prices are ALL IN, via paypal, fees and postage.

Geo 3 - Medium Silver/Forest green
  • Standard Trigger (Duece has been sold to @fruitplukker)
  • Soft bolt included (not installed)
  • Hard case (couple dings)
  • Decent condition for age
  • Last used at Mayhem 2 weeks ago (video here)
  • Unsure of true shot count, currently 6k in my ownership
  • Manual and orings
Offers around SOLD all in

geo1.jpg geo2.jpg geo3.jpg geo4.jpg

Valken VSL Loader SOLD

  • 2 sets of shells - Black and Grey
  • Speedfeed
  • Hi capacity extender (up to 250!)
geo6.jpg geo7.jpg

£40 all in with all the shells

Stiffi Carbon Fibre Barrel SOLD
  • .695
  • 14 inches baby
  • AC thread

Pay for postage, and it's yours.

*** Items are listed elsewhere, so they may disappear! ***
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