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Spire IR led lights

Russ. M

Morning Wood - Void
Sep 9, 2002
Taunton, south west
Hi there,

Just getting back into paintball after a long break. Ive picked up a virtue spire IR from just paintball. It feeds fine in the quick test ive done but the LED is different from the online instruction manual ive found (as there was nothing with it)

There seems to be only a red LED light that flashes when its empty - and the spire drive pulses - and stays steady red. Not red then blue as ive red online?

The release lid top bit says IR on it but the sticker on the body says just Spire and ive seen pictures online saying spire IR on the body

The box the IR came in was actually open when it came, is it possible ive been send an IR lid on an older model body? Or am i doing something wrong? The LED light cover dosnt press in like ive read either?

Many thanks guys