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Spyder imagine parts and barrels (looking at you Cheyenne!)


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Jul 4, 2005
Hi guys,

So my brother gave me all his old kit to sell and in it was a nice spyder thread empire barrel kit, so I dug out all my old spyder kit and thought i would sell it all in one job lot.
there are 99% of the parts here to build 2 fully working Spyder imagine markers with some extras left over. plus the barrel kit, plus an eclipse barrel.

Disclosure :
The imagines were fully working prior to being stripped to fit inside a small toolbox and have been in the loft for about 8 years. there is some white powdery oxidisation on the trigger frames.

What might be missing or broken :
bolts-screws-orings (probably not orings)
there is a noticeable kink in one of the hoses
possibly the valve pin from the valve which has been removed, (one of the bodies has had the valve removed but the other one is still in the body

What I think is definitely missing or broken :
I can only see 1 of the pins which goes in to the body and holds the spring adjuster assembly in place, there are 2 of the split pins which go in to that pin though?!?
one of the main springs appears to be missing but there is a new one in the included high performance valve kit.
I can only see 1 of the metal discs which go in front of the plastic hammer to protect it from damage when striking the valve pin.
4 batteries available but i would assume these are scrap now? I will send them if the buyer wants me to.

Whats included :
everything in the pictures!
(most of the) parts for 2 spyder imagines.
blade trigger, threaded feedneck which I used to have a cocker feedneck for (gone years ago), antichop delrin bolt, spare microswitch, new in box high performance valve kit, "nice" dropforward with rail, the 45 degree front grip section from a spyder electra, a random light blue asa, an on off purge adaptor for a bottle.
empire barrel kit with zip case, 6 backs 2 fronts BLACK (the flash has made it look quite "gunmetal grey" but it is standard gloss black
eclipse barrel.

I realise these spyders are old and there is work to do here but I was thinking the imagine parts would be worth 20-30, the barrel kit 25-30 then the eclipse barrel valve kits and extras would be 10-20 on top so.....
£50 all in inc fees but plus postage.

Any questions... I will do my best.
If I've missed anything, please let me know.


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