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Staffordshire and District Paintball Club - 2016


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Jun 2, 2012
Suits you sir, SaD are looking for 6 new members to join the club following the seasonal changes, with players moving on to new clubs, leaving the sport, and taking a break.

As a club we cater for all ages and abilities, and will be active in the following formats for 2016.

Speedball or Sup air competing in every division at CPPS from Break-in up to Div 2, as well as attending selected Millennium and CPS events.

Woods-ball with a target to attend all woodland masters events, the Warped 10 man, and possibly the UWL.

We will also be more visible at Scenario and Big Games throughout 2016.

Finally we are also planning on sending a team to compete at the F5 event.

With a growing industry support package, could SaD be the club to help you fulfil your paintball ambitions, could you be the "missing piece of our jigsaw" and help us on our journey towards achieving our goal?

If this appeals to you, or you want to know more, then message me.


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