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Starting up a team


Jul 6, 2013
Hi Guys

A few of us are thinking of starting up a local team (pub team sort of thing) but dont know where to start.
Obviously we need our own markers, air and mask

What else would we need to look into? eg, insurance, extra kit etc.

How do you go about registering a team? do we need to?

We are based in Leicester.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Oct 20, 2013
My first bit of advice would be to get a group of friends together and go play a few times together. There are always the ones that say they want to play but after a couple of times they lose interest.
Once you've done that, then start thinking about going to walk in days. Do you want to be a scenario team or woods ball team or sup air .
The first thing to buy is a good mask.
Then get playing gear and marker and hopper and air system.
Do a few walk ons, enter a woodsball or supair tourny or do a big game.
Once you get 6 or 7 committed guys or gals, then you've got the basis of a team .


Jul 6, 2013
Cheers for the info,

think its more than likely going to be woods ball, i do like the idea of scenario but have heard they can take a whole weekend on one game? (not sure if thats true or not)
I have 2 x JT proflex and i know one of the other guys has a DYE mask (not sure on others)

Any tips on getting venue to allow you to use your own paint for practice? or is it a case of go a few times, prove yourselves then ask?

Where is best to look for woods ball / big game dates and venues?

Sorry for the dumb questions


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Sep 17, 2016
Don't know what's in your area but just getting to a local field and playing is the best thing. The site operators will know more about this kind of thing and should be happy to help and advise you.
If they have walk on days attend a few of those. You'll get chatting with people with their own kit and find out more about local teams etc.


Nov 27, 2006
For woodsball and scenario there is no definition or requiements for what would be considered a team.
There were two of us playing for a few years before we picked up a third regular and named ourselves. At 3 we were the smallest team in uk scenario (but with a lot of occasional associates, there were then the odd team of 2, and also two individuals that were recognized in the scenario annual of the time as teams of 1. (Though they were major characters in the uks scenario community)

Insurance is not essential. Sites insure against their liability
You can get your own personal liability & sports injury insurance, you may have basic sports insurance via your bank, you can get insured with ukpsf membership or buy specialist insurance elsewhere
Note that injury insurance won't pay out just because you broke a bone, it must affect you as per the terms of the policy, such as being unable to work for a prolonged period
I don't need to pay for injury insurance as I'm better covered at work. People with a proper job probably don't have as much cover as me, and the self employed will make a loss on day one if they get hurt. If you have anyone who is self employed then they need to check what cover they have

Ukpsf give a player membership scheme with 3 levels:
Full membership with insurance (£15)
Basic membership with no insurance (£5)
Free promotional membership (sometimes free by ukpsf, sometimes the site / event pay your £5)
There was a team membership for a while, you got a discount for a minimum number of people and a custom card. I don't think this exists anymore, the custom card certainly doesn't as you now get your card by email to print yourself (so you could customize by adding a logo yourself!)

The ukpsf are the recognized body for paintball in the U.K., the home office speaks to them on legal issues, they align with the epbf and other international bodies

Read up on them and cosndier it (£5 each a year gives the ukpsf good support)
The £5 basic membership goes to the ukpsf. The £15 goes to the insurer (it definately all went to the insurance policy in the past, I believe that it still does)



You do not need to register a team anywhere.
Just call yourselves a team, set up a Facebook page to post up what you do, show photos and as a contact point to pick up extra people

Ideally go to a local site that runs walkons. With a monthly walkon you buy paint by the case at a lower rate which is probably your concern about bringing your own paint
See the 'what paintball costs link below for a summary of types of paintball and the cost structures
My original regular play was to a punter only site, the owner was not interested in charging us less or running walkons as he had a great site with plenty of punters. (Charging.less money to encourage other people to come had no business sense, and we disproved our own argument by coming back all the time and paying punter prices)
Later on we became associated with the site running an annual event and we had our own personal discount rate (it turned out that we were paying less than the Marshall discount)

Walkon paintball typically is one Sunday a month
Scenario events happen across the country with generaly one per site per year, but some do multiple events
Scenarios are either a Sunday or over a weekend but the games are not all weekend (there have been one or two 24 hour games, but some of that is also hype)
A weekend scenario is that long to justify the travel, usually mini games and activities on Saturday and a main game on Sunday
There are the occasional long weekend big events, and these follow the same formula with the main event on the Sunday. You can arrive on the Sunday if you are busy on Saturday but it would usually mean you still pay the price of a full ticket

Check out the paintball calendar, it might not have everything going on - especially local walkons, but gives an idea

Post up asking about what's on in your region and someone more local can give you a pointer



Alan Davison

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Dec 28, 2016
Hi uge.

I know it's a bit of a late reply but I only joined today. I noticed you said you were from Leicester well I'm from mansfield near nottingham which isn't far from you. I noticed some good advice from the guys who posted about doing walk ons to help build your team and get your game experience up . There is a skirmish site local to us that do walk on days every second Sunday of the month and they are a great group of players who are helpful and will give advice on kit and tactics etc. I you want any more info I'll get you the postcode etc .
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Jul 7, 2007
Hello @UGE and Welcome @alan,
The x 2 Sites are as follows =
Skirmish Paintball Centre
Ollerton Road
Tel Number = 0115 945 2427
Urban Paintball
West Carr Road
DN22 7NJ

Tony Harrison

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Mar 13, 2007

Urban Paintball has a 3 man tournament coming up on Sunday 15 Jan.....so if you want to see a few teams, go along to watch. There's no charge for spectators, and the site is pretty easy to find - in a town centre next to a school.

If you want to see a really big event with 100+ teams, the CPPS begins on 18 March. It's located at Penkridge, just off J13 of the M6.