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Starting up again.....

Stef Busby

New Member
Apr 23, 2017
Morning all,

Just rejoined P8intball Forums after a 5 year hiatus and looking to start playing again. I'm assuming my old account is well and truly past its sell by date but anyway....

Looking to play casual, monthly Walk Ons at YPC which I attended first time around. Met some great and helpful folks there (Andy, Big Lamb and MadToxic). Also mate of mine (Sam Hinton) plays for Rampage so be nice to hook up with him some point down the line.

Going to be going with a couple of mates who also want back into it. Sensibly kept all their kit so I am playing catch up....I appreciate this is not the Classifieds but need to get a few posts done in order to buy (100% dependable and pay within my means if I can be so modest!) marker, mask, bottle, rotar....

Any advice would be great. Im not going for the flashy top end markers so anything around the 200 / 250 quid mark (I had an SLG 09 which I did enjoy) is what I'm aiming for, unless persuaded :)

Thanks for reading and speak soon...


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