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Shooting for The Clan 09
Feb 27, 2007
that place near you
Anyone know him and can get hold of him for me as he's not been online since Friday and I want to ask him his definition of good condition as it seems drastically different to mine.

Any help would be great



laysic vip
Aug 9, 2008
temper towers
This can now be removed please. Here is my reply to ninja, hopefully showing it was a honest mistake.

Sorry I haven't been on and seen this sooner. As far as I was aware it was in good working condition as I have never had problems with it. It may have been the case that when I washed it in the machine some how the Velcro has pulled away. I have no idea. As I left it to my partner to wash, package and post for me. I cannot say. As you are unhappy I will be glad to offer a full refund and return of the pack. I can only apologise as it was a honest mistake and obviously a huge oversight from my part. Always been an honest person in the pb family and don't like letting people down or upsetting them. I will check with my partner as to what condition it was in.
If you send it back to me I'll refund £27.50 for the pack and extra for postage for the inconvenience.
Please send back to this address.