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Stoney appling for Bear Grylls the Island again please Help !!


Planet Eclipse
Mar 4, 2007
Manchester, Stretford
I have applied the The Island every year and unfortunately never got on, Last year you had to do a video interview and I did my best to think outside the box and come up with this.

This year again they are asking for video interviews, Can any of you guys help?

Looking for serious ideas only, Nothing that will cost tons of money something that I can simply do my self like in the video above.

thanks for your help.


300lb of Chocolate Love
Jul 31, 2007
Harlem, NY
Maybe do the video from the woods, eating a squirrel you trapped and cleaned yourself, and drinking from your self-cut well.
Then be as extreme and arrogant as you can be. Remember they are not trying to find good people - they are trying to make good TV... Be the cocky *******. Be an exaggeration of yourself. Nobody in TV is looking for vanilla. Try to get into the producers mind. What is he looking for? what does he feel his viewers want - Someone who can do the job easy, or someone who will trip, fall, and have the people at home saying 'I can do better than this guy'? In my mind they want the latter, and they want the show to prove the cocky guy wrong, and reveal him as inadequate - we all want that when we watch these shows!
Overall, how you will make yours the best episode of the series? Figure that out and you're golden.


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Try to be slightly contraversial, you don't like such and such a type of person, your think you're a natural leader and all that bullsh*t.

It's drama and good viewing they want as Missy says.

Actually @Missy-Q, you should be applying too :D
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Head of The CPPS Mole Correction Facility.
Nov 11, 2008
Having watched the show.... just being utterly useless at everything seems a guaranteed way to get on.
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