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Project K

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Apr 25, 2012
Project K Membership
Payment Methods: Paypal & Bank Transfer​
Individual single account Membership:
12 Month Membership - £79.99 (PayPal/Bank Transfer)
12 Monthly Payments - £9.99 (PayPal)
You are a individual wanting to sign up?
  • 1-to-1 private coaching/guidance.
  • Drills tailored to your ability, experience and pleasantly.
  • Audio and Text based responses from you're coach.
  • Videos explaining and demonstrating every aspect of paintball.
  • Private individual space to do all the work in and save your progress.
Perfect for increasing your individual skill and understanding of the game.​
Team/Group account membership:
Contact us at jason@the-k-project.com for details and discounts on team memberships
You are a team wanting to sign up?
  • Team-to-coach private coaching and guidance.
  • Field layout breakdown, analysis and discussion.
  • Tactics and Game Plans.
  • Team orientated drills tailored specifically for you and your team.
  • Private team page that is completely private that only you and your team mates can view.
This will make sure you're practices are highly beneficial and you'll have the extra edge on the teams you play at the events due to having a professional outlook and breakdown of all field layouts your team compete on.​
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