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Super5ives is BACK - 2016 Season Announcement


Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to announce that Super5ives is back in 2016! It's now under new ownership by myself, Chris Malton.

For those of you who don't know me, I've been playing paintball since 2008, ran the Southampton University club from 2009 to 2014, and am heavily involved with the Student Paintball Network (a group of university clubs and societies from across the country). In early 2015, I approached Kitch about taking on Super5ives after a very poor start to the year due to the awful weather and I was very pleased when he agreed to my taking over the brand.

Since then, we've been working flat out to transform the site. The on-site team have worked tirelessly to transform the venue from where we were to where I wanted it to be. We successfully ran two tournaments in the latter half of 2015 to prove that our venue and plan was sound and we're now ready to head into 2016.

We'll be running four tournament events across 2016 starting with our first event in March and our last event in early November. In among this, we've got regular open training sessions on what is (generally) the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month.

We welcome all teams, old and new, to our tournaments, but our main focus is on providing an accessible set of events for newer teams and players, with an effort to get new players interested in the sport. We've got a selection of rental markers available for new players to use at our open training events so people don't have to go out and buy straight away. We've also got a small on-site shop stocking essentials from batteries to fluffies to pots to just about anything else (if you ask nicely), so you don't need to worry about getting caught out.

So, without further ado, here's a quick run down of all of our event up to June, with the tournaments highlighted in bold.
  • Saturday July 9th - Open Training
  • Saturday July 23rd - Open Training
  • Sunday August 7th - Tournament - Round 3
  • Saturday 10th September - Open Training
  • Saturday 1st October - Open Training
  • Sunday 16th October - Open Training
  • Sunday 6th November - Tournament - Round 4
  • Sunday 20th November - Open Training
  • Saturday 3rd December - Open Training
Our pricing for 2016 is as follows:

Open training events (Full Day)
  • £15 green fee per head
  • Lunch is not included but can be purchased for an extra £5.
  • £175 per team
  • Maximum of 12 teams
Paint prices
  • £27 per box of Sterling Claymore paint
  • £30 per box of Sterling Mace paint
Full details of all our pricing is on the website at https://www.super5ives.com/pricing/

Please note: Super5ives is no longer a Bring-your-own-paint event. We have made this change to ensure that the series is sustainable in the mid-long term. If you or your team have specific requirements and want to train at our venue, please contact us in advance as we will try and accommodate your needs!

The site address is still always the same as it has been: Ambush Paintball, Raglington Farm, nr Botley, Southampton, SO32 2HL

For all the latest news, please give us a like on Facebook, join the Facebook Group or visit our website at https://www.super5ives.com.

Any questions or queries, give me a call on 07931 19 39 44, Monday to Sunday, 9AM to 9PM.

See you on the field soon!
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Jul 3, 2006
Somerset UK
Had the pleasure of playing the last event. Just like to say it was well organised and friendly site. All the best for the 2016 season Chris and team - Bob (ThisLot)
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London E.C.I 2008 retired
Jul 8, 2002
hampshire uk
Great fun and social event played last one as a guest and had great fun.

Knowing Kitch well I'm sure this is the direction he would of liked the series to be going in
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Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009

After close consultation with our players and getting a near perfect 50/50 split in response to our questions about whether we should go M500 or not, and a few details about how we should do it, we are announcing today that we will not be adopting M500 for the 2016 season. In addition, we will not be changing any of our pricing structure.

While, yes, you would get more game time, we do not believe that it is financially viable for you, the players, as we believe it would actually increase costs having done the numbers. We accept that there are teams that want to play M500. We accept that there are teams that don't. As it stands it looks like there will be plenty of other events this year running the M500 format (including CPPS). Part of the remit of Super5ives it that it remains committed to being the cheapest event (per head) on the South Coast (both paint and entry) for the quality of the event and paint. We feel that we're slowly getting there, but it all takes time and money.

The original plan from the WPBO was M500 in 2017. NXL have adopted the "we shall see what happens" approach which allows other events to figure out the little quirks and get the rules tweaked accordingly. We feel that at Super5ives, we do not want to be the ones finding out the quirks and with our first event being what looks to be the first event of the season, there is essentially no room for error.

So, in summary: M500 is not coming to S5 this year. Prices are not going to change, and remain as follows:

-- Training sessions --
£15 per head

-- Tournaments --
£175 per team per event entry
£285 per team per event entry to include 5 boxes of Claymore

-- Paint --
£27 per box for Claymore
£32 per box for Mace
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