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Super5ives Shop - All the gear you could ever want


Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
Just a quick heads up from me that Super5ives now has its own shop. We're pleased that we now have accounts with most of the major distributors in the UK allowing us access to over 4000 unique products and variants.

All of our readily available products are now on the shop website, and we're adding more as fast as we can. We also have free delivery and a price match promise meaning you can challenge us on and we'll match any price advertised anywhere else.

If you can't see what you want, don't panic, we can probably still get it - just give us a call on 07931 193944 and we'll do our best to get things sorted out for you and then you can either have it shipped directly to you or you can pick it up at our next event on site.

Happy Shopping!

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