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Super5ives - Tournament - August 7th


Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
We're trying to get away from calling these "Rounds" of Super5ives - each one is a standalone event, it isn't an official series. New teams that haven't played at Super5ives before are always welcome at any time in the year.

So, without further ado, our next tournament event is August 7th.

The usual pricing applies:
  • £50 deposit required before July 31st
  • Remaining £125 per team on the day
  • £285 before July 31st
  • Includes 5 boxes of Sterling Claymore paint
From what I'm hearing it's looking busy. Quake are looking to take the title again after a very successful last event, and the Underdogz are looking to try and triumph again.

There's also spaces for players on a scratch team, which we'll help assemble and make work.. Just give us a call and we'll get you booked in.

Booking is open now online via our website: https://shop.super5ives.com/event/9 - That includes being able to pay deposits. Booking deadline is July 31st 2016. Any problems with the website give us a call on 07931 193944 and we'll sort it out.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back for another great tournament.

Booking status

Teams booked in so far:
  • Underdogz
  • Quake
  • Hemel Hydra
  • C4 Mavericks
  • UWE Stallions
Pending deposit:
  • Ronin
5 spaces remain + scratch team
Scratch team requires: 3+ players
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Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
So, that's it for another round and I (Chris) am about to crawl into bed, very tired. First off, a few thank-yous that need saying:

1) You - the awesome players who turn up to my events time and time again, play the best paintball you can play, win some matches, lose others, and go home smiling at the end of the day every time!
2) The hard-working ref team, headed up by Max, delivered fantastically despite the humid conditions.
3) Jim and Chris Conway from Ambush Paintball for allowing me to take over "our" corner of their wonderful site, steal their staff for a day, and just make everything happen behind the scenes, often without me knowing!
4) Mike and the Powerball team for some top quality Sterling Claymore once again.

Now, the results:
Division 1:
1st Place - Quake
2nd Place - Hemel Hydra
3rd Place - Ronin

Division 2
1st Place - UWE Stallions
2nd Place - Underdogz
3rd Place - C4 Mavericks

Our next tournament: 6th November 2016 - Bookings are open NOW at https://shop.super5ives.com/event/10 and we do expect it to be pretty busy as we have a feeling that both Portsmouth and Southampton university may well put a team in, plus many of the teams that were absent this round may well be back.

Full photo set coming soon..... Once I get around to editing them.

Thank you all once again for your support - it is an absolute pleasure being able to host these events (even if it does lead to me collapsing in a heap afterwards....), and we'll see you all at the next one.