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Suzuki TS185 field bike

Sid Sidgwick

Tinkering ain’t easy
Good afternoon

What a year 1980 was, The empire strikes back, Raging Bull, hits from Blondie and then this beauty. I say beauty as I've been told it's in the eye of the beholder (which also sounds like a good movie title from the 80s)

The 80s were a fashionable time, not only were turtlenecks, crop tops and Jennifer Rush fashionable but so was Suzuki.

With more power than the vocal chords of Tiffany and better looking than David Hasselhoff I bring you the mighty TS185.

I purchased this bike with the magnificent idea of rebuilding it and using it for some old school rallying fun. Picked bike up used, it for a few days to make sure it ran well then started my rebuilding process.

New bits added;
New tyre
New chain
New sprocket and bolts (front and rear)
New chain
Oil can
New filter and piping
New performance air filter

Bike was running well then I took some bits off, had two children, moved house and never got round to completing the project. Realised I'm never going to actually finish it, and I have the balance of a drunk Scotsman at 2am, so it's no longer required. Needs a new accelerator cable, new seat cover and spark plug cap and wire and some TLC (not to be confused with DMC which is far more funky) such as the brakes giving a once over etc.

The bike may not be the best looker but neither was Siouxie Sioux but we'd all have still had a go.

Bike is sold needing attention to make it a runner but it will make a very nice bike for some classic fun for dirt cheap. Parts are readily available in the UK. I had a shopping list of parts but spen the monies on nappies and sleeping pills to survive.

Bike is collection only from Teesside and will need to put in a van/trailer/coffin for removal.

I'll even throw in a Helmet and snazzy goggles to the buyer to cover your shame. Think I may also have some quality boots (size 13) and body armour (XXL) tucked away too that can be purchased as well.

Happy to answer questions but I have zero technical knowledge (my best friend was doing the work whilst I supplied him with coffee and an ample selection of biscuits...his favourites are jammy dodgers)

No tyre kickers, although they are solid good quality tyres that I can confirm. Deposit to be paid before collection so I don't get the usual people regretting a purchase.

Remember this bike is a 'few pinter' and will get prettier with either alcohol or some of your elbow grease.

Comes with no paperwork, but that can be said for millions of people now-a-days too. Bike has been stored in my garage for a few years so I'll throw in a free cobweb or two.

I accept no responsibility for loss of life.

Looking for £350 or a nice new paintball toy as an exchange.

Have a good day


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pain is temporary pride is forever
Oct 21, 2013
This could be a little under priced they are quite collectible nowadays it's a shame it's not a Honda xl 185 i would be extremely interested good luck with the sale pal

Sid Sidgwick

Tinkering ain’t easy
Thanks mate, I've priced it to sell, with a clean up and a spot of elbow grease it will be great. My kids love playing on it in the garage but I need to clear some space for a new toy.

I'll be sticking it on eBay in a couple of days so hopefully or shifts and I can get a new paintball shiny
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