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Tacamo MKV


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Jan 3, 2013
Does anyone have any feedback about the MKV mag fed kit for the A5?
Very good, although i dont like the dmags.. You have to slam them into place and they sometimes crush the paint..

Very good concept and as long as you fit it right it won't give you any problems
Tacamo kits are pretty strong and robust, just like the tippmans that are needed for them to work. the MK5 kit is for the A5, MKV is for the 98's and bt4's. im currently building up and MKV and don't have DMAG's yet but ive heard they are a bit hit and miss sometimes which has led me to look into other mags like the scarab mags. if you feel confident with a hand tool you can modify the original T68 Magwell that comes in the box to take scarab mags, theres vids on youtube on how to do it. its pretty simple tbh


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Sep 30, 2013
As Robby said the mags can be a bit hit and miss! It's not to bad if you don't over fill the mags.
There's a small swivel on the Magwell, I found this always swung out of place, when I pushed the mag release button in.

Overall it's really easy to maintain and clean as it's all push pin!

After writing that I realised the thread is getting old haha