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Team Proteus - CPPS


Johnny Greenwood / Proteus
Nov 21, 2013
Hi all,

Team Proteus are looking for a few extra players to finish our lineup for this years CPPS tournament. We're a new team to CPPS however some members of the team play for the UWL Proteus team.

Below is some information on the team and what we're looking for;

*We play in the Breakout Division
*We don't mind if you're new to CPPS/Supair
*All of the team is based in/around Cheshire
*This will be the 3rd team under the Proteus name (2x Woodsball 1x Supair)
*We play at the following sites; YPC, Outpost & OTE
*We have jerseys already designed

If you have any questions or queries please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read!