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Team Unlimited will be at the CPPS for 2018


Aka Colin
Oct 4, 2013
Worthing - West Sussex
Team Unlimited will be again taking to the field at CPPS for the 2018 season.

With a very turbulent off season coming to a close it's no secret Unlimited has had some big changes happen over the winter. But one thing that hasn't changed and in fact has grown stronger is our partnership with MacDev.
We are honoured once again to be shooting the finest markers on the planet and backed by top level Tech support.
If you want to try the new Prime marker give us a shout as we have a couple hidden in our kit bags.

We are proud to still be supporting and supported by the Royal British Legion. We are very proud to be able to wear the Poppy logo on our shirts.

GI have again been supporting the Squad and our thanks goes out to them. Watch our for our new Union Jack Masks to compliment the poppy.

A final thanks to Drom for the new 2018 kit. Tops, Tee Shirts and Barrels socks show their talents are ever increasing.

So if you see our green Unlimited logo, stop and say Hi.

Team Unlimited