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Teams in hertfordshire area


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Hello Fella, We, The Care Bears have been up and running sinse 2005, This is our own Field to which we do all our own training on, we have over a hundred Sup-Air Bunkers if need be, our own compressor for the Air, Staging area, Toilets, and enough Car Parking for about x 500 cars .
and yes , I bring Paint to the field when required.

I want to take on around 20 - 30 Guys Brand New or Skilled !!
So come on you New Guys !! Lets see what you`ve got ?? some of you are Fantastic from the start ??
All Care Bears Teams are down South,
Except = Care Bears Nitro as they are Nottingham Area.
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