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Thanks John, Jackie & all

Stuart Friell

Active Member
Apr 27, 2010

Just a quick note of thanks to John, Jackie, Danni andSophie for another great day, it is a shame some vented their frustrations at the girls with regards to some of the marshalling calls which I feel was not on. You will always have some calls that go your way and some that don’t, I thought all the guys did what they could and called what they saw….please keep supporting F3 it’s a great tournament that will only get better with positive feedback and great support. See you all next season or the Xmas finale at Mayhem in November.


CPPS Chief Chimp
Mar 26, 2008
Many thanks - first time playing the format and was a really good day. We fielded a mixed squad of my 3 teams and everyone really enjoyed it. Playing with 7 and no coaches was a bit of a pain, but many thanks to Bolter, some of the tigers/shock2 guys that helped us in the pits. I think it's an especially good format for newer players to get their trigger time, or for those who have done the xball route and are looking to inject some fun back into their game.

Long drive home, but hopefully we'll be back down next season for a run out! :)

I think reffing could do with being a little stricter (esp when you consider a 1 for 1 is not going to tremendously impact a game by doing so), but understand it's hard to ref such a big field!

People need to try this!!!! Hopefully an event further north will tempt more people into the format.....

Thanks again,

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Lucky 15s
Mar 13, 2010
What Ains said!

Plus, so nice to play on a level field without holes and rocks, made it that much more fun! Great little venue, just wish we would have had a clue what to do! :D


May 11, 2010
Good tourney on the whole as usual.
I think it would benefit from regular referees if anyone knows anybody who wants to ref a whole season?

I am not moaning I am merely observing there was a difference in the "strictness" in different parts of the field.
eg. One ref one-for-one'd a player for speaking on his way of the field yet a different ref did not one-for-one a player that had a hit on his loader and was still shooting at the guy who shot him out.

Reffing is hard don't get me wrong & it won't stop me wanting to play 2012 I'm just hoping there are some ex ballers who want to ref every event?


Well-Known Member
Apr 26, 2008
South Wales
Had an awesome day yesterday playing this:D If you haven't tried it yet you need to great fun. Thanks again Bolter, Gadget, Shock2 and Tigers + anyone i've missed for helping us out in the pits and coaching. Much appreciated. Long long drive but well worth it. Look forward to playing it again:cool:
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