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The marker you most regret selling.


F*ck Those Guys
Jul 6, 2001
No. The correct number of markers to own is expressed in the formula m +1 where m is markers currently owned.
The number of markers your mrs should think you own is m -1.
Spot on!!

Canon Fodder

Go to your brother, kill him with your gun.
Oct 28, 2008
The number of markers your Mrs thinks you should own is m/m or if you can convince her you need a spare it m/m + 1.

If you move them about and swap parts / barrels every now and again you can get away with m/m + n where n = "a marker I'm fixing for friends".


Dec 29, 2007
@Banil sold an oil slick pm7 to mike461432 a while back might be worth a try. It was a beauty! (Just spotted this has got a silver back cap!)
Thanks for the information. Sent him a PM in the hope he might use the boards again one day. It says that he last logged on back in May 2014. Fingers crossed. It would be great if I got this back.

Sid Sidgwick

North East Killers-Lethal Bizzle


I most regretted selling my Hybrid Lady of Lust Shocker back in 2007. I loved the gun but sold her due to the team shooting PE guns. I regretted it the minute she left and spent many a time thinking about her.

It took me a few years of searching (about 5 to be honest) but I finally found her at the start of this year and purchased her back. Used her at the CPPS this year and she has been wonderful! image.jpg
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