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The marker you most regret selling.


Platinum Member
Jul 18, 2001
I've regretted selling every gun i've sold...

First gun & first pump - Mayhem Merlin
First brand new gun and first semi auto - SAM Patriot
First gun after a long time away from the sport - Belsales Prototype Evolution Minicocker
First project gun - rebuilt, chromed Autocker with all new internals, pneumatics, cut down back block, matching chromed barrel set and Eclipse hinge frame trigger and matching spare Belsales single trigger grip frame.
First Electro - Banzai Green Splash Eclipse BM2K with matching Stainless Steel Boomstick barrel set
First real project electro gun - Shocker / Ego hybrid...

The one thing every gun had in common? You pulled the trigger and paint came out the barrel at 300fps!

I've resisted selling my un-numbered, prototype Geo and my camo Etek. Can't see me buying or selling any more guns in the future!