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The Rumour Mill

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
John over at pbnation.com has some interesting rumours for the 2019/20 offseason, and I quote:-

It looks like GI Sportz and Steve Rabackoff are both out of the NXL ownership group. It sounds like GI Sportz will still be a sponsor and paint vendor. Will GI return to NXL Europe?

I am hearing Randy "Sarge" Smith, coach and owner of Houston Heat has bought into HK Army. It also sounds like Randy is looking for a top-level coach for Heat. He coached the team himself to their World Cup win and his son, Ryan Smith, coached them in the past but Ryan has been back suiting up to play.

2020 may be the launch of a new NXL Super Tour. US teams can no longer play in NXL Europe so the NXL is looking to take some of the top teams in the world on tour to other countries. Look for Russian Legion, Houston Heat, Edmonton Impact, San Antonio Xfactor and possibly Golden State Kings and AC Dallas to go to locations around the world to promote paintball as a sport. Possible locations like Australia, Asia, Brazil and Africa are being discussed.

Edmonton Impact has been the best team in paintball for the majority of the last 5 years. Impact won two events in 2019 but that isn't enough for them, so rumors are swirling about picking up top-level talent. None of these player changes are confirmed, but Kyle Spicka (LA Ironmen) and Trevor Resar (LA Ironmen) are both rumored to be joining Impact. Rumors are flying that Greg Siewers and Tim Brusselback may not be returning. Some people also believe that longtime Impact star Justin "Jrab" Rabackoff and newcomer Alex Rosati are both in question for 2020.

Greg Pauley of AC Dallas has told me that all of their 2019 roster is returning in 2020 despite rumors that Brad McCurley and golden barrel winner Matt "Fuzzy" Jackson are being heavily sought by other teams. Brad has been rumored to return to Infamous or possibly join Impact and Fuzzy has also been linked to Impact. Greg also said they are currently looking for a 2nd coach and confirmed they've been invited on the Super Tour.

Xfactor also says their 2019 roster should all be returning in 2020.

The Russians are the hardest team to predict on and off the field - partially due to the language barrier and partly because they don't gossip as much as others. However, multiple US teams are claiming that two of the Russian stars may be looking at US teams for 2020.

187 cRew (REVO) is allegedly trying to pick up Frank Antetomaso of Aftermath.

I was told Harrison Frye of Seattle Thunder was being looked at by Texas pro teams but Xfactor and AC Dallas denied it.

If you can confirm or deny these, please do so. If you have a credible addition, go for it.
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Jul 5, 2001
Tony - I've got an on-going problem that's side-tracking me at the moment and I wanna say 'thanks for the post' - I'll call up Billy and see what he has to say - as you know he's a busy man at the moment but I'm sure he'll make time to respond to at least some of the issues you brought up.
Hold tight … And apologies for my absence, but there's really nothing I can do about it at the moment.


Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Kyle Spicka leaves Ironmen ( his contract is up), rumoured to be heading for Impact. Though going back to Dynasty is a possibility.