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The Warped 10-Man Cup '17

SGM Matt

Active Member
Jan 18, 2007
Now that the smoke’s cleared let’s round up from Sunday, the third annual Warped 10-Man Cup!

Firstly, a massive thanks from the Warped crew to all the players; the event hosted 8 teams of cracking people from all levels of the game, with each and every person being a true warrior on the field and absolutely sound off the field. Good people make great games, brilliant atmospheres, and enjoyable events. Thanks for bringing both your A-game and camaraderie to the party!

Thanks also to the refs! For the 3rd year running, the UK & CPPS Ref crews have run the fields with expertise and professionalism; they were in the thick of all the mad moves, live-streamed bunkerings (looking at you, NickyT), and epic runs that come out of a 10-Man woodland format and they did a great job - please give them big respect.

We can’t forget HPAC for fantastic air (as always) and keeping your gats blasting with 4500psi fills, hope you put it to good use

A big shout-out is also due to Soho52 Photography; Richard Widenbar is a superlative battle-photographer and did his usual top job of getting out there and making you all look as good as possible on camera. He’s a photographer, not a magician though, so don’t blame him for your double chins

Photos are available here: http://www.soho52.com/albums/2017-10-01%20Warped%2010%20Man/ Please show your support with a purchase or two - it keeps cool photography happening (and keeps Rich in kebabs & cameras).

Moving on to results, the day started with a round robin, with teams then seeding into Pro and Amateur divisions for semis and finals. The fields saw some really good play with teams making good use of the space that woodland 10-man offers and plenty of sneaky moves. The action was thick and fast, however, and intensity was high with some tough teams to beat. Well done to you all, everyone played hard but had smiles on their faces... as all ‘ball should be!

Amateur Division

1st Place Winners: OKPB Wiping Crew
2nd Place: Warped Tactical
3rd Place: SKW
4th Place: Renegade Jesters

Pro Division

1st Place Winners: Sandbaggers
2nd Place: The Blushers (Team Blow + Rushers)
3rd Place: FSSU
4th Place: NPF

So for the second year running, Sandbaggers are the Woodland Cup winners of the Pro division, taking the win from the Blushers in a hard fought final and staving off previous Pro div winners FSSU; will they manage the triple next year? If you think your team’s got what it takes to beat the ‘Baggers you better start training now!

All in all, it was a pleasure to see so many people from all walks of the game wanting a taste of old-school ball and we hope that you all enjoyed playing the event as much as we did hosting it! We look forward to welcoming you all back for another dose of woodland gun-fighting next year at the 4th Warped 10-Man Cup!


More paint please
Aug 8, 2017
Awesome day Matt, never got chance to say thanks on the day.

I certainly learnt alot in one short day.
And now Liam's trying to drag me into the 5 man cup o_O