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Threads gone?


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
could he have created a new profile to be able to speak to the moderator team, rather than to post.

I mean, obviously you’ve cherry picked specific quotes, that do seem out of context, and misquoted. but obviously you have clear authority along with the rest of the moderator team (y).

It’s been great chatting.

Seems you two are cherries from the same tree. Those are quotes from the moderators private forum, which you don’t have access to so how do you know they’ve been misquoted? I could equally cherry pick Andy’s quotes too but they’re there for all who can be bothered to search.

Why create a new account to speak to the moderators when he asked on Facebook?

If I thought for one minute that Andy was using your account seeing as he’s family, I would be forced to ban it too. The ban applies to people, not usernames.

You’ve been made aware of our position now, educated if you will, trying to be smart with me is something I don’t have patience for.
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