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Jan 10, 2016
This looks like an impressive gun to me. The idea of having to change mags and not having a straight 200 balls to shoot makes it seem at lot more about skill rather than shoot and run. but this also can run without a 0.8 or 1.1 air tank.

easily changeable 12 gram cartridges takes around 30 balls per take.

anyone used or know of what this gun is like? And is it worth playing with 12gram cartridges or just hook it up to remote line?
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Nov 27, 2006
I've not used a real tcr, but got to have a good look and feel of the dummy tcr prior to it's release.

It felt quite nice, but for vfm i prefer the Tpx pistol on which it is based

When you have choice of a small air cylinder or 12 gram I have different opinions for circumstances

Air is better than 12 grams as you don't need to keep buying disposables, but on real life use for me it depends on reloading
With the Tiberius vs Tpx pistols for serious use I preferred the Tiberius when on 12 gram and the Tpx when on air
Tiberius supplies air/co2 via the magazine so with 12 grams you can swap magazines and reload when ready - the 12 gram in each magazine would shoot over 20 shots, so each magazine could be used 3 times l. With air it is fed through the magazine so you have to top up paint in the magazine every 7 shots

The Tpx has the 12 gram in the gun so you could get caught out when it runs out, or the air goes into the back of he gun so you keep swapping magazines

With 2 pistols I prefer the Tpx as you have a spare gun when the co2 in one runs out - unless you fire them both side by side and both run out together

With air you are either linked to the gun by a remote which can be awkward or you attach the bottle to the gun
I have done so with a 13ci attached under a pistol, which is fun but highly impractical!
Aug 8, 2014
I have a tipx which have used regularly for two years. I've run it both with co2 and remote line and loved it. Just bought a tcr which I run on a remote line. Haven't used it in anger yet but put 200 through it over the range. It was consistent on the chrono and really accurate. I use the zeta mags with it which work well. If it's anything like my tipx it will be great fun. You have to pick your shots carefully as you have limited paint and it's certainly interesting vs speedball guns. A total adrenaline rush.


Dec 19, 2007
I bought a tcr for wet games. My DAM is my first choice. I've yet to use the txt for a game yet. Battlefields 2 will be its first outting :)
whilst putting the tcr over the chrono and firing it in the garden it was breaking a lot of paint. A tip I read was to remove one of two detents. Since then it's been spot on

Zackie Tran

New Member
May 18, 2017
Tgr is a pretty nice starter magfed gun. But I prefer the TMC more because of the magazines. The tmc is can either use hopper or mag depend to the game. Cheap(compare to other magfed guns) reliable, look real coz it's a tippmann product. I am currently running it with my ultra light eclipse bottle. Work very well.