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Tippmann X7 [spares or repair] and related parts


Platinum Member
Jan 17, 2011
North Devon
Hi All
I'm finally getting round to selling on my old Tippmann X7 and the rest of my kit as I haven't used it since 2011.
I'm selling the X7 as 'spares or repair' as I have no way to test it but it worked fine last time I used it as did everything else.
The X7 has the electronic programmable trigger and the air through stock. It was used when I bought it and I put in a new barrel and feeder assembly.
The sale includes low profile hopper, variable height cylinder hopper, coil hose, straight extension hose, original Opposing Force barrel, spare parts kit and muzzle cover.
Also included is a Ninja DarkAir regulator which was new in 2011.

£100 including paypal fees and postage.