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Tippmann X7 whole kit Sold


Oct 21, 2010
I'm not sure where to start with this, I'm leaving the sport so everything is going and is in working/used condition unless stated otherwise, ideally I would off load the whole lot in 1 go.

Tippmann X7
E grip (spare boards x2)
Standard grip
Double trigger
Metal single trigger
Standard trigger
Twisted barrel
Flatline barrel
Rap 4 straight through
Tippmann Commando air thru stock with box
Squishy paddles
Rap 4 foldable grip
Low profile feeder
Small feeder
Cyclone upgrades
X7 spares kit
Empire v35 feeder (new in box)
Empire v35 wood case (new in box)
Empire b2 loader
Red/green dot sight20210327_115746.jpg20210327_114553.jpg20210327_115406.jpg20210327_114149.jpg20210327_113949.jpg20210327_113929.jpg20210327_114214.jpg20210327_114142.jpg