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TiPX vs T8.1?


May 8, 2013
Hi Everybody! Thinking of going back to pistol play and akimbo pistols......just not sure which. What setups have any of you got for pistols, Pics, pros, cons, experiences........stick em here!


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Jul 16, 2002
Essex, UK
I've no game-time experience with either, but recently bought a TiPX. Got it instead of the Tib for a couple of reasons - first the Tib grip is meant to be pretty hefty (as the mags contain the 12g as well), so not ideal for people with dainty hands. Second you've got the Zetamags available for the TiPX, giving you decent mag capacity (10+10 rather than 7 with the stock trufeed mags).

Have been impressed with mine so far - was worried that it would feel flimsy being made of plastic, but it's plastic in the same way that a Glock is plastic, so feels robust.

Nothing special about mine - stock X7 barrel, remote line kit, Zetamag and a Magpul foregrip (which makes it feel more like a 'proper' marker than a pistol - which I prefer personally).

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Swansea Draguns
Nov 21, 2012
I went for the 8.1 for its facility to use first strike straight out of the box.
That's all I use in it.
I haven't found it too hefty to hold and my hands arnt particularly large.
I like the co2 in the mag idea ,I change cylinder after two mags,carry three mags.
This pistol converted me to the accuracy of first strike so I bought a DAM.
Not tried TIPX ,so can't comment.
Plenty to read here.
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May 8, 2013
I have an 8.1 with with players pack. Love the marker, hated the holster.
Its a great little gun and I would really recommended it! feels amazing to hold and really well made,
Thinkin of getting the T8.1 for a while, may even use 2 of em....especially now Killjoy have announced they are giving the extendos a rebirth...could infact run 2 of each, tipx's for primary packing zetamags and t8.1 or 2 t8.1s packing FS for secondary.

What was it about the holster that you hated?


Dec 2, 2010
The tipx can be fitted with a first strike breech and the zeta mags hold first strike, personally i would go tipx as they are cheaper, softer on paint, very consistent and much lighter than an 8.1. With Tipx the co2 is in the gun, if you have it in the mag you can easily lose track of how many shots you have used up. Of course duel wielding alleviates this problem a little.

Edited after playing with my twin TipX setup for some time...

Go T8.1 lol. Yes they are heavier and you can only carry a few mags however they are significantly more accurate out the box and do not freeze on co2 in cold unlike tipx. Not tried my tipx on air yet but given that with co2 my tibs are more consistent than... well frankly i've yet to see a tourney marker at YPC that is more consistent over the chrono on HPA. Its kinda embarrassing to speak about it because everyone seems to have this idea that HPA is more consistent than co2 when in fact co2 when setup correctly with a good reg etc etc is just as consistent and more predictable than hpa. yes its more damaging than hpa and no good for electronic but... magfed....mechs.
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Oct 30, 2012
Aldershot, Hampshire
I have a TipX, and used a friends 8.1.

8.1 was nice, hefty in the hand because of the mags, the trigger for me was awful (I hate it straight! Feels so... tacky!) and I couldn't easily aim it, to be honest...
Got a TipX on an impulse buy. Felt much less bulky in the hand, sleeker, and more durable somehow. Loved my TipX, so I've kitted it out.
It has a remote line adapter, to run off a small HPA tank rather than co2 cartridges, First Strike block to shoot 68cal and FS. ZetaMag and 4 Tru-feed mags, modded for FS. FazMags to hold the clips.
Oh that's another thing! The price of the mags for the Tib put me off... Didn't really feel an advantage to having loads of co2 stashed in mags, lost count so easily in what went where...

Hope this helps.
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