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Tournament - November 6th


Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
I should have posted this about 2 months ago - but we've been really, really busy.

Our next tournament is November 6th and it's already looking busy. We currently have:

Teams booked in:
- C4 Mavericks
- Thislot
- Bristol Busy Ballers
- UWE Stallions
- Birds Boyz
- Dorset Devils Red

Teams who've expressed an interest (deposit pending):
- Ronin
- Portsmouth Anarchy
- Southampton Uni

5 (2 inc pending) spaces + scratch team (4 needed) remaining

If you want to get a team booked in - please do give us a call on 02381 40 11 22 or use the website at https://shop.super5ives.com/event/10 to pay your £50 team deposit.

Paint deal available as usual: 5 boxes of Claymore included for just £285 (including your deposit), any special requests please call us to discuss.

Let's see this last event of the season be one of the biggest, and best events yet!
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Owner at Super5ives
Jan 23, 2009
OK, that's us done now for our final major event of 2016. It's been a very difficult year for us - one full of hard work, business expansion, and trying to make our name one that's well-recognised. The level of expansion we've seen in terms of number of different teams we've seen over the year is a sign that we're making good progress and we look forward to continuing that into 2017.

First off, we need to thank a few people that, without them, none of this would ever happen:

- Jim, Chris and Howard at Ambush Paintball
- Our team of refs, headed up by the excellent Max.
- Tom and An idiot with a camera for his excellent camerawork.

However, the most important one of all: YOU! The players. Without you guys and girls, Super5ives would be nothing. Thank you for turning out in your many numbers for what is always one of our coldest events of the year. Thank you for being well-mannered and being honest.

Now, the results:

Division 1:
1st Place - Thislot
2nd Place - UWE Stallions - UWE Paintball Society
3rd Place - Bird's Boyz - Dorset Devils

Divison 2:
1st Place - Dorset Devils Red - Dorset Devils
2nd Place - Bristol Busy Ballers
3rd Place - Scratch Team

We'll be launching our 2017 season early next week all being well.