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Toyota MRS Roadster, £500 or trade for an LV1 or 3.1!

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Toyota MRS Roadster, 1.8. Silver with black soft top, air con, power steering, electric windows, alloys, flip front CD/tuner.

First registered 2000, very good condition for year. No rust on body or rips in soft top, and no leaks. Selling because I have lost my job and it needs a new water pump & thermostat. Hardly driven it since I bought it in December last year. MOT'd until Nov 2015.

£700, or swap for a nice LV1 or 3.1.


Mods, have spent the last 20 mins or so trying to upload photos. Used two different computers, tried 4 times to upload, no joy. Is there an issue with the site, or shall I just try another camera?

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