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Transporting Kit When Playing Abroad


Aug 19, 2003
dont ask me why i know this !

polices drug dogs go abit funny when they smell the paint out of a paintball so i wouldnt have any in ur bag that might brake ok:D

What? You are not going to set a drugs/explosives sniffer dog into attack mode cause you have some paintballs! You've had this happen have you?

We have had mixed experiences. Most times we just board as normal, and everything is fine. A couple of times we have been asked to explain and show them whats what, and once you have shown that there is no pressure in the bottle, they always are fine. They never really seem to worry about the gun.

Good tip is to put your bright sporty playing top and a PGI in your bag to back up your "Im not a terrorist, Im a paintballer" likely story.


Feb 20, 2005
East Coast
flew from stanstead to attaturk, bags checked by stanstead were fine though they did want to see inside bottles.

in turkey, they didnt care about the bottles, but they did about the gats, everyone had a copy of pgi, and they knew immediatly what it was then.

mikey had the best idea lay the marker flat ie horizontal, cos it doesnt look so suspicious.

always have a mag in the bag

turkish airlines.


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Feb 15, 2007
woodhatch , reigate
Bolter - drugs/explosives sniffer dog dont have a attack mode they sit next to the item or person bark and start to poor at the smell.

yes this did happen to me as i was shooting my gat in my dads garden and he was a dog handler , he tock it out of its hut for a brush it went straight to the broken balls n did all the sines ( barking , pooring and sat down ).


London Nexus #32
Sep 3, 2006
My bag got pulled off the flight back from Vancouver with just my DM inside. No bottle etc.

Stupid part was, they had already checked it all out and left it till I was sat in the boarding lounge with 20odd mins before take off to tell me the bag wouldn't be at Heathrow due to the contents. That was flying with BA.

Then after several phone calls to BA from relatives in Vancouver and me when I arrived home, the bag was sent on the next flight and everything was still inside.

I think the main problem being, somebody see's a gun and doesn't have a clue what paintball is.

Deffo do not mention the word gun when you check in!!


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Jan 20, 2004
My 10p worth the only time i'v had trouble was the 1 time i didnt say i have a paintball GUN gatwick airport the security guy had kittens went he saw it in a random bag search then he read me the riot act of not telling the other security personel eariler

standard security question "are you carrying any weapons or any thing that looks like a weapon"

clear question clear anser "yes i have a paintball gun in my checked luggage"

and prefrably a printed copy of the company policy with gun to argue the point if they get arsie

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Feb 6, 2002
An island in the rain
First of all, ready Hermitt's post, he's hit pretty much everything.

Second, I've flown with about 1000 paintballs once before, about 4 years ago. No problems once I sweet talked the check in lass that they were perfectly harmless. But I still probaly shouldn't have done it :eek: :p And one broke in a pod once I arrived in my destination :mad: Rubbish, bad idea, and against most airlines regulations, so don't do it. (I never did it again, honest :) )


My recommondations for taking your hard parts:

I've flown a ton of airlines over the last 6 years with all my gear, both to mainland Europe and the States. There's only a few simples steps you need to take, NO MATTER WHAT AIRLINE YOU FLY WITH.

1. Dissasemble your kit as much as possible in your bag and pack securely in check in luggage. ie. remove bottle from gun, barrel from gun, hopper from gun, battery from gun, and even the HPR if you want.

2. Remove the preset reg/maxflo/adjustable reg from you bottle leaving the bottle free on it's own so you can see inside it and pack securely in your check in luggage.

3. (Optional) Chuck a copy of PGI on the top of your check in luggage so it's the first thing someone would see if the security chaps decide to check it.

4. KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT WHEN CHECKING IN. Like it has been said, the person checking you in doesn't want the hassle, you don't want the hassle, and there's absolutely no need for the issue to arrise if all your carrying is standard paintball equipment dissasembled to the level stated. Everything is perfectly safe and legal so just be quiet, no matter how excited you are to tell someone your on the way to compete in an International Paintball Tournament even though they really don't care :rolleyes:

Works for me anyway. :)


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Oct 28, 2004
in a house with a window
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jst saw this sticky

everyone who went to HB flew out with EVERY bag being. checked. and i mean every bag. they check them before u even check in on some airlines.

nowt was taken. nothing was brought up.

pretty simply if LAX aint got a problem i would be suprised if anywhere else is :)