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UK Debut of the new VANQUISH from Empire Paintball


UK Redskins
Oct 31, 2003
Essex, UK
Sunday saw the UK debut of the new VANQUISH at the 1st Round of the F3 for 2013.

Very nice indeed.....

As the unit we had was a pre-production model, flown in for the MS Event, and had been stripped down like hundreds of times (and put back together in various unusual ways), it took until our 3rd game for it to make an appearance.

From the first use, I'm already well into it as it just felt 'right' in my hands.

It's a bit longer than my AXE's, which I have been using now since 2011, but it was still really comfortable.

It shot smooth and the trigger has a completely different feel to the AXE.

Very simple to operate.

I'm not too technical to be honest, therefore, cannot post a blow by blow review, so anyone who wishes to take a peek, then be at the next round of the UKM Southern Series as we will have two of them there.

The are currently in the loving care of Sosta and Bing Bang to make sure they are all singing and dancing for the 12th May.

You are even welcome to use one of them for a game, in between us playing of course...

Just come over to where we are in the morning session to see them.