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UK Magfed Command: New Organisation for Magfed


Sterling Paintballs
Oct 30, 2012
Aldershot, Hampshire
Evening folks, wanting to share some info with those not on Facebook who may not have heard yet.

72 hours ago a new page and a new initiative was launched by the Magfed Community to help promote, organise and better govern Magfed in the UK.

Below is the 'blurb' from their Facebook page.

UK Magfed Command: The home of the UK Magfed scene. Welcome to the revolution.

The UKMC aims to provide a unified base for current and future MagFed players.

Join us if you play Magfed, have a team, or are thinking of joining our sport!

Magfed is a form of paintball in which markers use a Magazine, or Mag, to feed paintballs, rather than a hopper.

Limited paint in this way increases the need for teamwork, tactics and stealth. Although there may be less paint, our games can be just as fast-paced as Scenario play!

The UKMC are here to unite all players who enjoy Magfed in the UK, and to provide an environment for healthy discussion and ideas to promote our sport. We are a fast-growing side of paintball, with most 'Big Games' in 2014 offering a Magfed variant in some form or another.

The UKMC is formed of 4 Companies, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta, each corresponding to a country within the UK. Depending on which country your team is from, you will be covered by one of the Companies- they are your port-of-call as to organisation of Magfed in your country.

By joining your countries Company, you are forming your countries Magfed identity. Our aim is to get all Magfed players organised into teams in each of their respective companies, to provide UK Magfed with organisation and create a brotherhood of players who can benefit from membership perks from the UKMC.

Membership perks, I hear you say? YES! This is not just something baseless and constructed on a whim- by joining the UKMC you will be joining a group of like-minded players who all share a love for Magfed. Membership in the UKMC will grant you access to a collection of benefits we have carefully selected to help you kit your team out.

Benefits include team personalised forums, unique patches to wear with pride, comprehensive insurance from the UKPSF, membership and loyalty cards to magfed events.

The ball is rolling and we are uniting the Magfed players of the UK. Will you join us?

An interesting prospect of organisation with most of the UK Magfed scene getting involved in one way or another.
Anyone wishing to join the page and stay up to date with the developments the Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UMCommand/

Feel free to share thoughts!