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UK Predators

I used to good.Honest

UKPSF #7126
Oct 20, 2013
Thanks to Pete for giving us this space to let everyone know what's happening with the UK Predators.
Firstly I'd like to thank the following people/companies:-

Pete at P8ntballer.com for giving us this platform to let the world know that the UK Predators are back and putting us in touch with some of the biggest names in the industry
Ged Green and his crew at NPF and fatboy pots for Just asking us if we needed any help, we mention pots and the next thing we knew we had a massive box of pots arrive, Ged had no need to do that and we had done nothing to warrant such a gift, so thanks for the faith Ged and we will make you proud to be one of our sponsors.
Simon Stevens at Inception Designs for making the sickest looking pred cocker ever, The internet actually exploded on the day of release and we didn't expect the amount of people loving and wanting the new cocker, I personally can't wait to shoot the cocker
Ledz at Planet Eclipse for Giving us a massive deal with the New Gtek 160R, so now the whole team will be shooting the same electro marker so no more different allen keys for everyone to carry, you all know Eclipse make the best electronic markers out there, now we will be shooting the best too.
Jackie, Jon, Gino and Will from Valken for providing us with the best paint to do the job, whether it's kilo or fate in the cold or Pro in the warmer climes, valken paint is the best which is why we chose to continue with valken and are grateful that they continue to support us.
Bryon Benini and Mark Knop from Push providing us with goggles and bags the unite goggles have the best all round vision and for making us a brand new unite predator edition set of goggles.
Martin Draper from Cartel Media for following us around and providing us with lots of coverage , tee shirts, hats and cammo.
Dave, Twizz and James from UK Woodland masters for putting on the woodland masters for the last 3 years which has encouraged us all to get the preds back together and hopefully kick arse around the world again.

We hope to repay you all by being the best out there once again, with a mixture of Old Boys and new young blood in the team.

See y'all out on the fields.

UK Predators


Owner of this website
Jul 5, 2001
Considering the history between myself and the Preds back in the day, it seems a little odd I should be sponsoring them but there are much bigger fish to fry and time has moved on since those days.

If the recent resurgence of woodland tournaments is to gain better traction then what better team is there to steer our sport back into the woods.
If Marcus can catalyse this return then it serves both our purposes to join forces.
I had to sit back for nigh on ten years and watch him pick up trophy after trophy as my team were unceremoniously dumped into second place.
Truth of the matter is though, we were nowhere near as good as the Preds and so I wasn't too miffed with the runner-up gong - 20 years on, I'm now pleased to be on the same side as the Preds.

I would love to see a new, revitalised woodland league where once again the Preds can establish themselves as front-runners and give the other teams something to aim for ..... I'm hoping it will inspire players and teams to organise themselves to play in this woodland league and take advantage to go out and play against one the greatest woodland teams our sport has had.

If we can stimulate this return to the woods then maybe, just maybe we can begin to claw back some of our ascendency in Europe albeit in woodland leagues.

'Good luck' to all UK woodland tournament teams is what I say !