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UK Woodland Masters Round 1 Review

I am Cassius

The Turks
May 2, 2014
Let me start by saying we had a really good time, which to us has always been very important! It was good to see so many new teams there, everyone I spoke to seemed happy with how things went, a few constructive moans but everything was taken on board and considering the step up from a 6 or 7 team event to a 15 team event I though the transition was seamless There's not much else to be said as far as we're concerned, we've been banging the drum for this event since day one, hopefully when everyone reads these reviews they'll all want to be a part of these excellent events.
A real fun filled, relaxed tournament for teams to enter. A big thanks to the organisers too, they've pushed hard this year to bring competitive woodsball back to where they think it belongs, Dave Simpson,Twizz and James M have worked tirelessly and are rightly getting the plaudits they deserve. There's a lot of interest in this format now, so sign up for the next one before you miss out.
We have already booked 2 teams in for the next event, says it all really
And no we're not on commission it really was that good!