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UKM 5 Man - 21st January @ NPG Uttoxeter


Lady Organ Grinder
UKM 5 Man - 21st January @ Combat Zone Lincoln

HAPPY NEW YEAR.....to one and all....I am sure that it is going to be a very good year.

Thanks to everyone for their text messages of support, and to everyone else that plays the Masters/KOTH due to your support we have more sponsors for 2007....keep up the good work, of course the support they provide does go to the players in the form of prizes.

The first event of the season is at Combat Zone Lincoln, H Pac will be there supplying good clean air with 3000psi and 4500psi fills, Dave from City Catering will be there too providing good healthy food and hot drinks to keep us all happy. And the amazing Dan Randon taking photo's for your purchase on the day, teams can hire him too for that individual touch..

Trade Stands in attendance LiPs, Phoenix, Shogun, BattleZone, and Heaven....
Paints available; Tomahawk (Warped Paintball), Draxxus, Zap other brands to be announced...

Game fees are the same as 2006 what more could you ask for :)

Teams booked in so far;

Northern Heroes - confirmed

Evil Saints - confirmed

Spank - confirmed

DV8 - confirmed

DV'us - confirmed

Nuneaton Warlords - confirmed

Nuneaton Warlords Young Guns - confirmed

HPG - confirmed

SPL07 - confirmed

Wolf City Am Blue - confirmed

Wolf City Am Red - confirmed

So Manc - confirmed

So Manc Kids - confirmed

Elsham Eagles - confirmed

Cannock Cobras - confirmed

Smart As A Carrot - confirmed

Phoenix 5 - confirmed

No Xcuse - confirmed

Destiny Elite - confirmed

Destiny NrG - confirmed

Destiny Rage - confirmed

Destiny XL - confirmed

Fallen Angels - confirmed

Full On - confirmed

Ego Maniacs - confirmed

Packhorse Warriors - confirmed

Rebellion - confirmed

Leicester Wildcats White - confirmed

Leicester Wildcats Blue - confirmed

Dyehard - confirmed

Carlisle Halloween - confirmed

No Exit - confirmed

Volatile - confirmed

Legion - confirmed

Aftermath - confirmed

Northern Xposure - confirmed

Militant Order - confirmed

Martial Law - confirmed

Outbreak - confirmed

Suicide Badgers - confirmed

Rhino - confirmed

Hells Recruits - confirmed

The Rafters - confirmed

Lock N Load - confirmed

Scar - confirmed

Kings Park Assassins - confirmed

Kitsune - confirmed

Unknown - confirmed

King Of The Hill - Limited

Usual Suspects - confirmed

Northern Thunder - tbc

Half Cocked - confirmed

Evolution UK - tbc

First Wave - confirmed

KPA Black - confirmed

Rebellious Kids - confirmed

Carlisle Halloween B - confirmed

Yakamazi - confirmed

If you want to book your team into the first round then get in touch....cut off is 17th January.

I look forward to seeing all the old faces and meeting the new....

Lets hope the sun will be shining on the Angels....but it will still be really cold....

:) :) :)


If in doubt, flat out!
Jul 11, 2006
Wakefield, West Yorks.
Change of Venue

Due to the recent severe weather conditions NPG Uttoxeter will not be available for use on the 21st. The site at Uttoxeter is severely water logged and the site owner has advised the Event Organisers that, although the site fields may be playable, there is little chance of the open land recovering in time to allow for camping or parking.

Please be aware that the Event will now be held at

Combat Zone @ Lincoln on the same date.

The UK Masters apologise for any inconvienience this may cause

Jon C

Do you play with balls?
Feb 1, 2005
Whore house
this looks cool defiantly some new teams already or are in process of booking in, you wont regret it. also lots of teams from last year booking in early as well.

myself unfortunately i wont be playing I am going to be 1 of your friendly refs, come over and say Hi, I dont bite. we are all friendly.

wendy, pretty pretty please could you send me that info :D, to Jon.conroy23@ntlworld.com

Cant wait to see everyone again seems such a long time.