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UKWM 2018 - Round 1 - 18th March - Holmbush

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
UK Woodland Masters - 18th March - BOOKINGS OPEN

The dust is barely settling on the sell out Warm Up event from the UK Woodland Masters and teams are already putting money down to get involved in our next event on the 18th March at Holmbush!

This is where we take #growwoodsball to the next level - as we expand the 5 Man division team limit and introduce our new 3 Man entry division.

Some of the things to look out for at the Woodland Masters include:
- LOADS of playing time
- Europe's top Woodland fields - with new fields coming into play in 2018 and existing fields being updated
- Great atmosphere
- Lots of refs to keep games fair (8 refs per field at Warm Up)
- On site shop for essentials and big purchases
- Free media coverage from Cartel Media
- On-site paint available from GI Sportz Europe
- Industry backing from Planet Eclipse, Virtue Paintball Europe, MyPaintball, P8ntballer.com and Lansdell Soft Drinks Ltd
- Pro Podium worth £225 and prizesspot

Run by Players. For Players.

Don't just take our word for it - hear from the Barbarians after their debut UKWM event:

“Today was our first event with UK Woodland Masters and have to say it is an event with a top marshalling team, passionate staff, friendly atmosphere and smoothly run games.

We didn’t expect half of what we saw today so on behalf of the Barbarians you guys really done a top job, you are a credit to the paintball community as a whole and no thanks will fully appreciate all the working hours you put in to make the event what it is”


Team List:

5 Man:
1. Nemesis
2. Turks Blue
3. Turks Red
4. ECI
5. Outlanders
6. GI factory
7. Capital Killers
8. Capital Killers - Black Tails
9. SC Reapers
10. OAPB
11. Rushers
12. Underdogz
13. Predators Zulu
14. Predators Masai
15. Blow
16. Dungee Dogs
17. Barbarians
18. War Pigs Alpha
19. The Brotherhood
20. Blow 2
21. War Pigs Bravo
22. SAD Tactical
23. Rare Breeds
24. Kick Ass

3 Man:
1. TMG
2. Mavericks
3. TMG 2
4. SC Reapers Tyro
5. Capital Killers - Trilogy
6. Dungee Dogs
7. Underdogz Pupz
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I am Cassius

The Turks
May 2, 2014
And here's our take on it, meant to post this earlier but forgot!
Big thanks to Dave, Twizz and James at the UKWM for another great day out at the warm up on Sunday and well done to the Rushers on their win, fantastic day out and if Sunday is anything to go by we're in for another great season of woodsball, always good to see some new teams turning up and everyone of them that we spoke with really enjoyed the day and will be returning, says it all really!
Thanks as always to Ledz and Planet for their continued help, we called on Monday and asked for a couple of "loaners" and 2 days later a box arrived with 3 markers in and some more playing kit! Top work from top people and greatly appreciated
Also thanks to Mike Tait and all at GI for looking after us on Sunday, our first day out with our new paint and we couldn't be happier, only fault was it out performed us!! Shot superb all day.
Well done to our Blue team for making the Pro finals and we can't wait for more great days out at the UKWM
See you in March
The Turks

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
So we are now at 22 teams in the 5 man and the 3 man is gaining interest.

The support being shown by teams to the UKWM is phenomenal!

Even if you dont play i heavily suggest you come down and meet us, check out what we are all about and see where it leads!
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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
***UKWM Round 1 - Results***

It might have been cold yesterday but the UKWM was hot hot hot - setting a new participation record for a UK woodsball event and proving that #growwoodsball is not just a flash in the pan.

We'll cover the final placings in a second but paintball won yesterday - giving that many players a fun day of play, with a great atmosphere on and off the field is never easy and all our players and teams really made the event - THANK YOU! The 3 Man division did more than get off the ground with some amazing action and offering a bridge into competitive woodsball!

Final placings as follows:
PRO 1st - £100 - Underdogz (more to follow on this!)
PRO 2nd - £75 - Turks Blue
PRO 3rd - £50 - Blow Gold
Semi-Pro - Nemesis
Division 1 - Outlanders
Division 2 - ECI Tactical
Division 3 - Kick Ass (shout out to Tibor - great guy and brilliant attitude to the sport)

3 MAN division
1st - Too Many Gingers
2nd - South Coast Reapers Tyro
3rd - Underdogz Pups

Spot Prizes:
- Upcoming player - George Grover, Mavericks - Planet Eclipse
- Move of the day / most eliminations from the hip - Ed Matthews, ECI Tactical - Virtue Europe
- UKWM Team Award - Barbarians - GI Sportz Europe

Stay tuned to the UKWM page for more analysis, coverage and FREE MEDIA from the great team at Cartel! We've got more video in the works (and more than one video project too) so looking forward to seeing that drop

Support from all sides was superb - Holmbush prove again why they are Europe's number one woodsball venue. Our title sponsors stepped up to the plate too:

Planet Eclipse - Sponsoring our BRAND NEW field - best in class gazebo, event banners (HOT), Ref jerseys for ALL 21 REFS! and spot prizes and social media and video advice too!

GI Sportz Europe - Supplying 77% of the paint shot on site, and the ALL action Long field with new centre complex, DOUBLE TROUBLE Gazebos, Team award, and putting Mike Taitt on site too!

Virtue Paintball Europe - Chronos, prizes, positioning and promotion advice is all part of the package making sure we are built to win!

No time to rest for the UKWM Management though... we listen and more importantly, we are already acting to push on for round 2 and beyond! May 2019 sees us bringing a two day International event to Holmbush so we are building all year!


James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
I wanted to also put out a separate "thanks" to our reffing team - 21 refs is hard to nail down and with snow that just adds another complexity to proceedings!

Not one ref dropped out due to the adverse weather conditions! When you put a horrible drive and staying out on the field all day in those freezing temps together its not the most intriguing day out!

So I say thank you, its good to work with people who can be relied upon! (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y):cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: