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UKWM 2018 - Round 3 - 24th June - Holmbush

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
***BOOKINGS OPEN - UKWM Rnd 3 & UKWM Practice Day***

Set the 24th June in your diaries for round 3 of the UK Woodland Masters series. Booking is now open and 12 teams have already put money down to reserve their spots. The divisions are capped as follows:

5 Man - Capped to 25 teams (1 spot left)

1. ECI Tactical
2. Nemesis
3. Nemesis 2
4. Turks Red
5. Turks Blue
6. Capital Killers
7. Capital Killers - Black Tails
8. South Coast Reapers
9. Underdogs
10. SAD Tactical
11. War Pigs
12. Blow Gold
13. Dungee Dogs
14. UK Predators Zulu
15. UK Predators Masai
16. Outlanders
17. OAPB
18. All Americans
19. Dungee Dogs Jackals
20. Rushers
21. The Brotherhood
22. Blow Black
23. Redskins
24. Turks Black
25. GI Factory

3 Man - Capped to 12 teams

1. Paintball Siegburg - Combat 78
2. Army of Fools
3. Underdogs Pups
4. Rare Breeds 1
5. Mavericks
6. Too Many Gingers
7. TMG Immortals
8. SC Reapers Tyro
9. Warpigs Bravo
10. CK Trilogy
11. Outlanders
12. Rare Breeds 2

This may mean that A) Teams in the 5 Man division will have to play across three fields in the prelims and finals, and B) Groups of 4 or 6 may be required if we don't land on 20 or 25 teams.

The UKWM Team will also be running a Practice day at Holmbush on the 2nd June - 9am-3pm, £100 covers you for up to 6 players. Get in contact to get involved!


You may have seen we have been quiet in the past week and will be putting out more coverage of round 2 shortly. We've spent last week making sure we have a more resilient solution for air at Holmbush, to support the continued growth of the series.

Stay tuned to the page for more updates, including further field upgrades ahead of round 3!

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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Check the updated team list

All Americans flying a whole team in from the USA!

Our event is now international!

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
So in addition to the US Team, a German team has entered the fray as well!

Coupled with players from France, Holland and Sweden this is looking to be turning into a huge event!

Who would have thought this event would become what it has! If you build it they WILL come!!!!