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UKWM 2019 - Round 3 - Post Event

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Coming out of Round 3, to say this event felt like one of our most accomplished events yet would be an understatement.

Twizz hits the nail on the head with his post (head over to his page to see it) but in short the event was upbeat, ran to schedule and above all else, the atmosphere was what we wish every event was.

It will come as no surprise that we have taken a harder stance on reffing, the majority has become tired of the age old “ ’its’ part of the game mentality ” and we have answered!

It was awesome to see newcomers, Psycho Pimps paintball team, TMG Paintball Team UK & SBOS Paintball 2, take to the 5 man competition and getting involved. Shout out to Brian French who took move of the day for his relentless attack through the centre of the field and forcing his players to follow suit!

I’ll say the biggest upset for the day would be Capital Killerz Paintball Team taking the top spot in Pro. They have always been on the cusp of greatness and have now earned the ever elusive Pro Patch beating out 4 other teams who would have been fighting just as hard to take the win.

Tune in to Paintball Performance for Round 4 analysis as they attempt and scarily oftern predict the result and outcomes!

At the end of the day the results were as follows:

1st – Capital Killerz Paintball Team
2nd – The Turks Red
3rd – Nemesis Paintball Team

1st – Rushers

Div 1
1st – Staffordshire and District Paintball Club Tactical

Div 2
1st – The Outlanders

Turks Red’s consistency has taken them up the table into the series lead however can they keep their heads above water and field a consistent team able to stop Blow paintball team taking the series for a second season or even keep it out of the hands of the ever hungry Rushers?

We hope to see you all at Round 4 – Booking will open shortly so best to start getting those deposits ready for what’s going to be one hell of a series final!

Keep an eye on the page with media soon to be release from us in conjunction with Snap and Shoot

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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
As more team reports come in on facebook, I will copy them over to here:

First up the team leading the series and the bar tab, The Turks:

So another UKWM event falls by the wayside and the long journey home gave me time to sit and consider the journey that this series has taken us on. The year has had its ups and its downs but as a general rule it’s gone from strength to strength and improved little by little, step by step. That isn’t a slight upon the series either because the standard was already so high that the improvements that can be made are only small but ultimately do make a huge difference.

Now prior to this event we played the 7 man and commented upon the positive changes that had been made to the refereeing and how I hoped to see this trend continue with rule breaking being punished harshly by the refs. I’m delighted to say that, once again, the level of refereeing has improved since the last event and the refs themselves were all but perfect in the execution of their duties. Punishments were quick, harsh and final. They were, however, fair and any player wanting clarification for why a penalty was awarded was able to get a full debrief once the game had finished. A testament to their professionalism was that I didn’t once hear teams coming back into staging area muttering things like “that was bull****” or see teams crowded around a referee arguing about a penalty they’d awarded. From what we saw and what we heard the players and teams were respectful and mature about the referee’s decision and the referees were calm and polite when awarding them. All I can say is thank you to everyone who has contributed to beginning this culture change.

Thank you to the UKWM staff for pushing their refs to be better. Thank you to the refs for being everything we could have wanted and doing a thankless task so well. Thank you to all the players and teams who behaved like grownups and didn’t ruin the day’s atmosphere with a negative attitude. It all contributed to make yesterday one of the best events I’ve ever played at the UKWM and, despite being utterly useless all day, I still walked away with a massive smile on my face.

So onto the team. Overall, pretty bloody good and I’ll put that down to the fact that nearly all of us (bar me and some of the Scots) were in bed by 11pm. I was awoken by Darron climbing into bed with me wearing only his pants but my blood alcohol level was still so high at the time that I accepted it in the moment and went in for the little spoon position. I’ve since realised I need to stop drinking and raise my standards. Turks Red had a blinder of a morning winning all their games and qualifying for Pro with ease. Turks Black had a good morning as well winning most of their games but missing out on Pro by a mere 18 points. Turks Blue I’d rather not talk about. We ate **** all day long. The afternoon saw Reds win their first two games convincingly but then lost to Blow which pushed them down into 2nd place. Capital Killerz Paintball Team had a phenomenal day and, as a team, we’re really glad to see them win their first event. They’ve gone from a team we used to be glad to see in our bracket to a team we have genuine concerns about. Well done boys, you deserved the win. Turks Black had a bit of a chaotic afternoon and unfortunately weren’t able to put it together to take 1st but overall they put on a good showing and are making positive steps forward. Turks Blue were still eating **** but we were laughing about it by this point. The best news of the day was that the Reds have broken the 3 way stalemate for series leader and are aiming to keep the lead for the final event!

Thank you again UK Woodland Mastersfor all your hard work and effort and for putting on the best series in the UK.

Thank you to Planet Eclipse for the equipment and clothing. You’re the best of the best and we’re proud to represent you.

Thank you to GI Sportz Europe for the paint. Shot beautifully all day and delivered with a smile from the most dashing sales rep in the business, Mike Taitt.

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Next up, Psycho Pimps:

Another road trip is over.

The weekend was planned. The hotel rooms were booked. All transport was arranged.

Then life got in the way and players start to dropout. By Friday lunch we were down to 4 players. Not good. After some frantic texting Peter Light managed to come up with some players (thanks mate)
Anyway back to the weekend. We always enjoy the UK woodland masters, it’s just a pain in the proverbial to get to from our part of the world. Central it is not.

Saturday started bright and early as I left the in-laws house to pick up Mark Becker, our captain. Then it’s on to pick up Brian French, who only lives 60 miles away (thankfully it’s in the right direction). After what seems like no time at all with Brian keeping us laughing we hit the worlds largest car park, it’s also known as the M25. It took longer to do the 60ish miles to Crawley via this motorway than it did to cover the 140 to get to the m25.

Saturday afternoon was spent finding our 4th and 5th players.. and walking the fields. Which for those that know the site, we’re the crater and helicopter fields.
Now I know we’ve played these fields before but the lads at ukwm do put effort into changing them up for each event. The big surprise was a new building in the crater field, which when Brian spotted it, he exclaimed “bloody hell, they’ve gone and built a Screwfix depot on it”, so from then on it was “screwfix” for the calls.

Saturday night involved pizza and a night out with some of The Turks (the stories are true, those boys can drink). I’d love to say we were in the hotel early, but I can’t

We arrived at 7am on Sunday to find James and Dave imitating traffic wardens (“you can’t park there”), though to be fair they did a fantastic job. It’s amazing how fast time goes before a tournament. Setting up your kit, getting paint, air, talking to friends (while good mates off field, once that 10second shout is heard. You just want to shoot them). The captains meeting was good. Basically, if you’re hit, get out. If the ref calls you out, just leave. Fast.

Our morning games were good. Only getting obliterated by Capital Killers (who won the Pro division). Stand out games were against our friends SBOS and Preds Mutants.
Lunchtime was over far too quick as we waited to see which division we were in for the afternoon. Ended up in Div 1, missing semi pro by 16 points.

The afternoon started well (apart from me falling over my own feet and injuring my knee and hip), but we just couldn’t seem to turn good performance into points. Ended the day 5th in a division of 5 (15th overall).
If you’ve never done a Woodland Masters event I recommend it. The new reffing rules are welcome from the Pimps point of view, and it was good to see the refs getting in close to the action, rather than standing on the sidelines. The atmosphere around the pits was relaxed and I didn’t hear one complaint all day. So a big well done to all refs and organisers.

Must say thank you to our guest players David A Napper and Paul Munday. It’s not easy fitting into a team that’s known each other for years, but you guys went above and beyond for us, and I’ll gladly have you on our team again.
Also thanks to James Matthews for being so hospitable to a bunch of old farts from north of Watford gap and to War Pigs, SBOS Paintball and Capital Killerz Paintball Team blacktails for just being awesome people.
If you got this far, thank you for reading this drivel.

Dave S ECI

Jul 17, 2001
53rd and 3rd
Visit site
You wouldn't believe there were 20 teams on 2 fields, for 8 minute games. The turnaround on games was so seamless.
I really feel that we offer the most competitive paintball in a day, at any event globally... it is pretty flat out and kudos to the reffing squads, teams and admin staff for keeping the day running to time.
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James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
From the Capital Killerz - Event Pro Winners

We'll, that was something wasn't it?

UK Woodland Masters Round 3 was promising to be something special and for CK it certainly didn't disappoint.

We knew the Pro division is where we wanted to be as round 3 approached so we went to work in the morning. Playing Blow paintball team Black (watch out for Harry… that kids rapid!), Psycho Pimps paintball team(absolute cracking bunch, never a dull moment), Uk Predators Paintball Team Mutant (keep and eye on that Rhodesian camo… they're sneaky) and SBOS Paintball (lovely guys in the pits… nuisance on the field. I can see a promising future).

We had a straight forward time in the prelims other than our game against Preds Mutant that saw them use their signature PredCam to full effect and sneak in the roadies and pick us off one by one and finish the game with us only getting first grab.
Despite the loss to Preds Mutant we found ourselves once again in the Pro Division. We have been here before but have never managed to make much from it.

Our first game after lunch was Blow which saw them with the early flag grab. I found myself thinking to myself "here we go again" as it was going to be bridesmaid kind of story again. But after a couple of G's in quick succession we turned the game around with Arron finding and hanging the flag with 1 second left on the clock. Proper squeaky bum time!

Nemesis was next on crater field. Learning from our loss from this side in the morning we changed our plan of attack. With what looked like a stalemate in the first couple of minutes we managed to spot some cheeky crawling towards the flag and were able to stop this. We eliminated the remaining Nemesis players and hung the flag for the victory.

Back to the helicopter field and it was time to go against our good friends The Underdogs. We've beaten these guys before… but we've also lost to them an equal amount of times; it's always a battle with these fellas. Getting us a G in the first 10 seconds let us take advantage of a 4 man squad (still no easy feat). But we kept the gas on and eventually whittled them down. Getting 5 eliminations and a flag hang with 2 downed players.

That was it… we had done it! Rubbing our eyes in disbelief while staring at the scoreboard. Triple check the abacus… we've scored enough points to take first place still with one game to play. Celebrations weren't in order yet, though… we still had The Turks Red to play and we weren't going to make 2nd place easy for them.

We went out despite already achieving the ultimate goal of the day, but we still knew what we had to do… PLAY! We met Turks Red in the field with volley of paint coming from both sides. It was a bit of a stalemate at the start but after a few heated firefights the Turks were able to pick 2 of our players off and grabbed the flag. Putting up the best fight we could we held them back for a while but they pushed hard and took our remaining 3 players out and scored the flag to secure 2nd place.
A Pro division trophy is something we've strived to achieve for some time now but it's always been just out of our grasp. Winning 1st place Pro this weekend has been amazing and a massive boost coming into the later parts of this season. We can't wait for round 4 to go at it again!

I would like to make a huge thank you to Dave Simpson, Mark Dale and James Matthews for running such a great event! There was fun had by all and with an absolutely amazing atmosphere it was a pleasure to play!

Secondly I would like to thank the reffing staff… ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!! We saw rules enforced without exception and (at least in our games) fair calls. I wouldn't like to do it, but you all had a blinding day in our eyes.

Ross at Holmbush Paintball Ltd, thank you for allowing us to play at your site. Great fields and a great staging area as always!

And to every player at the UKWM Round 3! The atmosphere was chilled and full of laughter amongst friends… the way it should be! Bravo!
With our first Pro win under our belts (and Pro Patch in our chests) we will see you at Round 4… can't wait!!
And to our sponsors, finally!

Planet Eclipse
GI Sportz Europe
Virtue Europe
Campaign Paintball & Laser park
BZ Paintball



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