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UKWM 2020 Round 1 - Results!

James ECI

UK Woodland Masters
Jul 31, 2007
Entering its 7th season, the UKWM has put woodland tournaments back on the map for UK's Paintball community.

A change in format this season, sees two divisions of 9 competing in a round robin where every point counts towards your final score.

The twist to this, promotion and relegation for each round for the bottom 2 in the Pro division and the top 2 in Division 2.

Taking the top spot in the Pro Champions Division was ECI Tactical, turning up with 4 on the day was never going to be easy, but by begging and borrowing, ECI were able to pull it off.

The Underdogs followed them, a mere 2 points behind, into 2nd place. What most would describe as a hybrid team, playing both Woodsball and Sup'Air, they have a depth of talent. Going into 2020, with their main focus being the CPPS, they wanted to ensure their UKWM was stress and drama free.

Taking the 3rd spot was the Rushers, mixing up their old school players with new(ish) blood, started the day strong but came up 35 points behind the Underdogz. We are very interested to see their performance across multiple woodland formats this year including the USA's ICC.

Going to the Challengers Division, Predators Vikings were able to the top spot. Shooting their Planet Eclipse M170R's the day was going to be no easy feat but with Johan leading them, they were able to out play other teams with a clear lead in the points.

After what must have been a light evening at the bar, everyone's favourite pub team, Turks Blue managed to take 2nd.

Using their time wisely and as practice for their upcoming trip to the USA, Predators Saxons were able to secure a 3rd place finish.




philip kevin

New Member
Nov 21, 2021
Nice to see the pics. I read somewhere that the first international team to win a championship in USA was a Canadian team "The Unknown Rebels". I was taken by a little surprise as I always thought that it would had been any UK team to score the first international win on US Soil.