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UKWM thoughts

Discussion in 'Competitive Woodsball' started by I am Cassius, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. I am Cassius The Turks

    I am Cassius
    May 2, 2014
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    So the final round of the UKWM took place on Sunday and after 9 legs spread over 3 venues and 10 months the final standings were revealed, and as they say the ‘table doesn’t lie’ so a big congratulations to the three teams that finished in front of our Red team,the Predators, Blow and the Rushers
    What a great season this had been with 3 of the top four standings being decided at the last event, very close!
    As a squad we’ve pushed hard all year and tried to get 3 teams to as many events as possible so a big thanks to all the guys that have guested for us this season.
    Something that we, as a squad, have noticed is that the quality of play has improved vastly, especially with some of the newer younger teams getting better and better, so well done for coming out of your comfort zones and giving this a go,we think next season will get even harder!
    To anyone that has contemplated playing in this and not yet given it a go, there were way over 100 players at this on Sunday and I doubt you’ll find anyone of them that would say they didn’t have a good time!
    A great atmosphere, great fields plenty of playing time and, one of the things that we all do this for, a massive load of fun!!
    Huge big thanks to Dave,Twizz and James for putting on one hell of a show and for their continued pursuit to #Growwoodsball. They’ve put in a massive amount of time and effort for this to get to where it is today and all in their spare time. If it wasn’t for them and their hard work we,as a team wouldn’t have got the chance to rekindle our love for the sport and we can’t wait for next year. The Turks salute you.
    Now the boring bit,
    Thanks to all the people that help us out Ledz and Planet Eclipse for their continued support, John and Jacki Sosta and Valken for the paint, Ged and NPF for their help, Dave Elliott and MyPaintball

    And finally to every single TURKS player, old and new, for making this one hell of a team to play for and always making us go home with smiles on our faces,as usual it’s been an absolute pleasure!
    See you next year
    The Turks
  2. James ECI UK Woodland Masters

    James ECI
    Jul 31, 2007
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    Thanks Cass, its been the biggest year and required the most work we've ever put in to make it what it was.

    By the end of round 9 I'm pretty confident in saying that every team on site was happy and left our event wanting more.

    2018 will be bigger and we will get more information out as soon as we have made more decisions!
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