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Videos from Mayhem PB Walkon (Feb19)

Waste O'Paint

If it is stupid, but it works. It is not stupid..
Dec 12, 2018
London, UK
Mayhem Paintball Walk On (17 Feb 2019)
Some videos from the day at Mayhem. A little bit of everything...

Someone has to Push First

Teamdeathmatch 15vs15.
Field "Speedball"
Team was a little hesitant at first.. but once we went - we went)

Capture the Caste

Attack/Defence - Capture the Castle
Need to get into the castle and touch the flag in the middle.
Almost made it, but some tactical mistakes were made.. went for glory instead

Mayhem Paintball Walk-ON (Feb 2019)

Compilation. Just some leftover clips and some music.