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Videos from Splatoon PB

Waste O'Paint

If it is stupid, but it works. It is not stupid..
Dec 12, 2018
London, UK
MagFed Only day at Splatoon PB

1. Paintball Masacre (18 Kills)
There was a large group of rentals playing along side us. They did not speak any English (except 2 people), did not listen to or follow the rules, and generally annoyed the refs... So when at lunch one of them said "Those fancy dressed guys are nothing but show and we would destroy them" the ref was very happy to throw them in with us for a quick game. They did not want to play another one...

2. Stab of the Day
This one is nice and simple. 6vs6. Magfed only. 2 FSR's per team. Capture and hold the objective (press your color button on the device).
Kept going for the objective all round. Kept knocking FSR's out of the air with my head, like a boss. And then the push happened, which ended in one of my favorite knife kills of all time. Why he was shot in the face when i stabbed him - i don't know. The field only allows transparent paint and white FSR's...

3. Got 'Em All
Last two games of the day. Played 3 vs 5... with 2 kids, 3 roundball adults vs 2 FSR adults and 1 roundball.
Pushed them hard, shot them all, got the objective while they were respawning

4. What's in the Box?!
3 vs 5 again. Went straight for the objective.

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