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Vids & Pics Forum rules

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I Would
Dec 6, 2004
Head 'em up !!

Welcome to the Vids & Pics forum, here you can post paintball related videos and images (the clue's in the title) ,we have the use of 'IMG' and Video tags here so you can finally post up that pic of you massacring the opposition in the final of the last Bognor Invitational in all its high resolution glory.

However as with all the other forums there are rules, so please read them first and save us all a lot of hassle.

1.Paintball related media only please, we have discussed this with various members of the forum and the general feeling is that this is still a paintball forum and as such everything in here should relate.

2.Keep your image sizes at a decent resolution please ,anything too large will be removed and if people keep offending there will be limits imposed.

Move 'em on !!

3.Anything non-paintball related will be mercilessly destroyed ,there will be one thread dedicated to non paintball shenanigans and this is the only place this will be allowed. It will however be open all the time so there is no excuse not to use it ,It can be found here.

Rawhide !!

4.Content...There are minors using this forum and there are far too many nerds in the paintball world to allow pictures of naked ladies (or goats, melons, bicycles what ever takes your fancy) to be broadcast on it. Please use your intelligence here... nothing over an 18 certificate, any abuse of this (and this is the serious one folks) will result in immediate bans no questions asked.

When posting links or videos, please give a small description of what we are about to recieve lest we not all be truly thankfull,this will stop the inevitable "I want that 30 seconds of my life back" stuff.

Ya !!

5.The usual text speak rules apply... in spades.

other than that - enjoy.
Not open for further replies.